Thursday, October 21, 2010

Headache Business

Can I return my head please?  This one is rotten...

The Headache decided that it needed to act up tonight.  The Headache itself is not so bad but my eye is not working so well, and the nausea is non-stop even with medication.  I am not thinking so well either - am so forgetful I have forgotten to remember what I forgot today....I think...I may be misremembering.

Went to the doc today, told that the antibiotic I am taking is fine but I should take a few more days of it.  Since I don't have proper sensation to know when I have a UTI (from radiation damage) my very nice PCP decided to leave a standing order at the local clinic so I can go and give a urine sample to know when and if I have an infection.  I appreciate that because it will save me copays when I really don't have an infection going on.

He gave me lasix, a diuretic, for the puffy problem., just a few days worth.  I am afraid to fly with such puffy feet and ankles because my feet and legs swell when flying anyway - I would have such big feet I wouldn't be able to sidle down the aisle in the airplane.  Add me flinging BLING the cane around and hitting fellow passengers and I can see me being featured on the national news for causing a disturbance.  Hoping that the feet will be in better shape by next week.

Starting some of the vitamin/mineral supplementation today.  Vitamin B-12 deficiency can go along with malabsorption issues like I have so I'm glad I'm starting this up again.  Many of the symptoms for Vitamin B-12 deficiency overlap with hypothyroidism and general anemia. I doubt if I am major league deificient but I might be just a wee bit under vitaminized.


  1. Princess OEATS: Need to be OFF lasix before flying too or I will flying with my seat selection = toilet.

  2. Sorry, I had some serious/nice reply planned but it flew out of my head as soon as I saw your comment.

    LOL! Sorry, that is awful. I seriously hope things improve in the next week - there are a lot of toilets I wouldn't want to kneel in front of, and that is for sure one of them.

  3. Emily: :) I sure enough agree - Sheweeee!

    Last time I was somewhere as stinky as an airplane toilet was watching a baseball game in July in a field next to a sewage treatment plant with the hot wind coming from the sewage side. eeeewww.

  4. Winny, thank you so much for your prayer support this morning. Mean a whole lot. My migraine has subsided. Praying your feet will behave and not be so swollen next week dear one. Blessings to you and hugs.

  5. JBR: So glad to hear your migraine is better. You had a whole raft of prayer warriors smacking that thing away!!!

    The puffy is gone tonight but I won't take the lasix again for several days so I guess I'll know if the cankles return before the flight

  6. Now I KNOW I just posted 3 minutes ago...where did it go? Anyway, thanks for being such a supportive blogger friend. Life is getting in my way and it stops today! No more Ness is Less and Family More! I need to commune with my blogger sistah-friends. Hope you feel better and have a great weekend. Love ya.

  7. Ness: You have to take of Ness first, or Ness can't take care of anyone else!!! Yeah! Like I said, my sister has some of the same issues with self care. Everyone always seems to come first.

    Thanks for stoppin' by bloggie sistah-friend!!!

    Will think of you this weekend as I have designated it Thrift shopping weekend of Fun!!!Worried about you, praying for a great cancer checkup!!! Praying for good times this next year!
    My little dachshund Augie (Captain Loggie of the Mole Hunting Brigade) says hi too!!!

  8. Winny, appreciate so much your prayers, thank you! Hoping you are doing better this day! Blessings.