Saturday, October 23, 2010

Moving to Little Pony Land

Thrift Shopping Fun Day

Working hard this weekend to get over my fatigue and my feelings of being overwhelmed.  Took some time today to go shopping in thrift stores and antique malls and just look around.  This takes a bit of energy but I needed to have some fun.  I am completely out of fun lately - my fun meter was on empty and my sense of humor had flown away.  My annoyance meter however was on HIGH so there was a lack of balance in my mood amd in my week.

I had fun today, but my funometer is barely registering probably because all the walking made The Headache complain.  Not sure exactly how to fill it up.  I'm too tired to contemplate much fun - it sucks up too much energy!  I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired, and now it's starting to take the toll on my joie de vivre.

Thank heavens I will be out of office working with a new client for a couple of weeks!!!   Maybe I can rebuild my brick wall of resistance before I get back.  I always have fun when I travel because I work with a good group of people and our new clients have been very enthused about their computer system changeover.  Nervous but enthused!  Maybe my funometer will get refilled.

Gladness, a niece I never got to see very much is getting married in December.  She has grown up to be a very level headed young lady, with a very kind heart for all animals, a great sister, a good daughter, and a wonderful aunt.  I know she will make a wonderful wife too!

Sadness, found out from a RN friend on Facebook that people with chronic pancreatitis shouldn't take lasix, my anti-cankle pill.  The Belly is hurting just from taking it the other day, so I'm glad I know why.  I am feeling sick enough without having more complications before I travel to Michigan Friday.  I already have to carry a case of pills, I think I wouldn't be able to take it as a carry on for the plane ride if I ended up with more. :(

I desparately need to get back in my happy place. Thinking puppies and kitties and rainbows and flying horses and pink sparkly castles- My Little Pony Land!!!


  1. I hope your "fun-o-meter" is filled up again soon .
    my "surviving-o-meter" is working again I have to build up to worrying about a "fun-o-meter". :)

  2. Just Me: Thank heavens! I was wondering if your surviving-o-meter needed a quick kick to get it started again. Glad you kicked it back into gear yourself - which can be quite a tiring job - like starting a pull-start lawnmower for the first grass cutting of the spring.

    My funometer is still hovering at empty - I'm not sure how to get it going - I guess you and I will just have to head over to My Little Pony land and go FLYING with Sandy Duncan and Tony Randall for a mind vacation!!! Yeah!!!