Friday, September 24, 2010

System Down

Missing my Electricity Fix

My stimulator controller is officially broken.  I can have the stimulator set at HIGH, which after a while causes pain from "over stimulation",or I can turn it off.  It is now off.  The Headache pain has returned in all its glory without the stimulator to fool my brain.  I'm trying to go without any medication tonight so I can go into work tomorrow.  Not sure if this will work as I'm not certain I can bear with the pain very well.

I missed work today.  I have been up and then back to drugged slumber most of the day.  I didn't even catch on to the time until a friend called and I happened to hear the phone ring.  It was almost five o'clock - where did the time go?  Strong medication is not always my friend.

My new stimulator controller won't be in Springfield until MONDAY.  That means it will be 4 days until I can get my headache back in submission.  Luckily the A-Team and Dr. Hannibal Smith are on the short list of people that St. Jude works with so the controller is going to be Fed-ex'd to them. 

I may call Dr. Smith and see if anyone there has a suggested strategy to get me through the next few days without a stimulator.  I hate to be just zonked out of my mind for four days - but if the alternative is unbearable pain, I'm going to zonk out!  I'm using antihistimines tonight to see if the pain can be controlled with out the heavy hitters, but it's like trying to put out a forest fire with a water pistol - not too effective.

Hoping everyone else has a pain free Friday and a good weekend!


  1. (((((Winny)))))
    So very sorry for your device not working properly! Praying that there will be a painless solution for you somehow!!!!

  2. Oh honey that is awful. I am praying that you are able to make it through the weekend with pain that can be managed.

  3. JBR & Princess OEATS:

    I feel like cussing like Yosemite Sam and hopping up and down:

    Consarn it!