Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Puppy Dogs and Flowers Thoughts

Trying to Be Positive In A Negative Day

Didn't get my controller today, the representative from St. Jude's received it today, but already had a full day of surgeries scheduled.  Will get it tomorrow at 1:00 at the A-Team's clinic.  Can't happen quick enough.

When you have a stimulator permanently "installed" or are just getting the temporary test implant for trial purposes, the medical device company generally has a representative (who may also be a doctor or nurse) that attends the operation.  They help with any technical issues during the operation, and also help test the device during surgery to make sure it is optimally placed.  They also help in recovery, going over how to use the controller device and what to expect, and do some intial programming of the device.  I understand why the rep couldn't work me in today, but it didn't stop me from being disappointed. 

Ai yi yi yi - the brain is very touchy tonight! I am trying very hard to stay positive and to stay out of an emergency room.  Today is a "bad" day per my headache cycle.  Hoping tomorrow will be better. I am going to drive myself to get my stimulator controller so I will not be able to medicate at all.  I  keep telling myself to calmly wait, it will be better tomorrow.  Stop the woebegone attitude brain, and settle your britches as my Grandma would say!

Thinking of flowers and puppy dogs and cute kittens with rainbow skies.  Wondering if I skip around the living room three times widdershins  I can wish The Headache away.  I think I am suffering from goofy brainitis tonight.  Maybe my mind will return when I get my electrical fix tomorrow!


  1. I hope you have success with your appointment tomorrow!

  2. I am thinking happy puppy and kitty thoughts for you too.

  3. M & Princess OEATS: Thanks - skipping around Widdershins in the living room was a bust...

    Am going to send my brain into puppy kitty land and set out for the Big Rock Candy Mountain!!

  4. Boy, I sure hope everything works out for you tomorrow. I feel so bad for you!! You are in my thoughts and prayers!!!

    God Bless~
    Debbie Jean

  5. Much better now I have my electricity back, although The Headache still wants to come out and play. Puppies! Kitties!!! RAINBOWS!! :)

  6. I'm glad you're hooked up to the good electricity again. Hope the pain eases up soon!

  7. Thanks Sue - Hope your headache has behaved this past week with all of your meetings. Better this evening - fraid it will take a few days to get back to where I was....