Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Don't Feed Them After Midnight

Gremlins Are Hard to Get Rid Of

I'm Jinxed.  I think my life is infested with Gremlins.  I have a couple of good weeks, and then BLOOEY it all starts to blow up.  I must have fed them after midnight.

Going off the prednisone, have been having trouble with shortness of breath since Saturday.  Saw my regular PCP on Monday for my regular bloodwork - my lungs sound fine, no allergic asthma wheezing or gurgly crunchy sounds.  Did have them run a lipase level (as long as they were doing bloodwork) because either I'm getting rebound angioedema (not inconceivable) from quitting the steroids or it could be The Belly and The Pancreas acting up from travel trauma.  

Very difficult to breath this evening.  With the pancreatitis my lungs sometimes lose their surfactant properties and the alveoli collapse in small areas.  It's called atelectasis.  It also gets worse because with chest pain it gets difficult to inhale, which is not good because you don't expand your lungs fully.  If it gets worse I will go to the ER, but I am trying like heck not to go since I have to drive myself.  My face is swelling somewhat, and I'm hiving on my back so maybe it is just the angioedema instead of the pancreas. I'm hurting all the way through my belly to my back and I find I am taking very shallow short breathes.  Sloooow and eeeeasy is how I need to go.  Am also getting some sharp ouchies in The Belly, so I need to just calm myself down and adjust my breathing properly.

Dr. Calm's nurse at the immunology office left voice mail for me today at home.  I will call tomorrow.  It's either good news - all my mastocytosis blood tests came back fine, or bad news - something didn't come back fine.  If The Belly is acting up, my blood tests come back pretty abnormal so that could be the issue.  My electrolytes get off, my calcium levels are wrong, and my liver enzymes go up in addition to elevated lipase/amylase when The Pancreas and The Belly are upset.  Hoping for normal, normal, normal!

My little dachshund Augie was all cuddly today and kept wanting to smell my breath.  He does this when my body chemistry is out of balance, not because I have smelly breath or very nice breath.  I call him my pancreatitis dog, kind of like a diabetes dog or an epilepsy dog - he senses that something is not right.

I am getting tired of this cycle where I try to do normal activities and then I have to pay a couple of hundred dollars to some emergency room somewhere to keep working.  I feel like I take two steps forward and one step back - at least I am make some forward progress....

Going to take some antihistamines and see if the breathing gets better. The Headache is trying to pick up momentum this evening too.  Will adjust my electrical signal to see if that helps.  Hoping for the best!


  1. I remember that movie. Scary at times, but humorous at the same time. I am sure you pain is not humorous. I am sorry for the constant cycle in which you experience only having to dish out more money for relief.

    Thank you dear for sharing. Blessings

  2. I took my little nieces and nephews to Gremlins thinking, oh the guy who produced ET produced this - how bad could it be? Not so good! I still think about the Dad stuck in the chimney story every Christmas - no telling what it did to them!

  3. i have been a big fan of your page for a long time but i have to say that with the white letters up against the black wall is hard on the eyes after like a few mins. can't really read much longer. maybe its just me.

  4. Gosh Fighter, I was trying for low contrast (blue grey against dark grey, light grey against dark grey, off green against dark grey). Is it too much contrast, or not enough?? The white is not really white is is a very light grey.

    I'm open to suggestion. My old blog style was a little brighter contrast I think it had orange headlines - the old "dark dots" format.

    Glad for the feedback. Don't want to cause discomfort - that was what I was trying to avoid!

  5. Augie sounds like a great dog to have around!

  6. He's quite a handy little fellow. I got him the month I got my cancer diagnosis, and being able to focus on training a new puppy got me out of the depressive hole I was digging for myself at the time. I was chipper and ready to go by the time I recovered from the surgery, thanks to Augister von Hidenpooper.

  7. This is perfect. Thanks for working with me. I truely love all your post and comments on my blog. Thanks with love.

  8. by the way i so get you on this post. so know what ya mean, i feel ya sista.

  9. Fighter:

    It was an easy change to make and I am glad you said something! I think the colors are a pretty good compromise between too low a contrast that was probably causing eye strain, and too bright for those light sensitive eyes! Glad it works, but let me know if I need to change it some more.

    Hope the Gremlins stay away from your house for awhile. They must be why my kitchen is such a mess! :)