Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rasberry Ridge Bed And Breakfast

A Mind Vacation!

While trying to divert myself from The Headache and the lack of electricity in my occipital stimulator, I started thinking about a friend of mine from "back home" and her hard work towards fulfulling a dream.  I saw pictures of the mountain cabin Heather at War On Headaches stayed at and thought of my friend's log house!

Angie and her husband started building a log cabin/bed and breakfast a few years ago on a beautiful lot in Beaver Bay, Minnesota, but like all of us in our middle years bad health intervened.   This year they have picked up where they were forced to leave off, and are on road to finishing the Rasberry Ridge Bed and Breakfast with a target date of 2012.

The Silberbergers are going to great lengths to make sure their business is "green": using downed trees from a storm for building materials, using only earth friendly treatments for the wood, and starting their own organic garden so it will be well established before they start receiving visitors.  Not only is their desire to have minimal impact on their surroundings admirable, but for those of us who have chemical sensitivies it is great to find someone that is thinking of this BEFORE a structure is built and guests arrive.

I have been watching their progress all summer long on Facebook. They have the cutest grandkids who "helped" grandma and grandpa with the garden - and now they are far enough along to start a blog about the adventure of starting a B&B.  I know Angie from way way back (how far back I'm not saying!) and she always was a woman of determination and purpose, and watching her work towards her dream of an Inn in the wilderness has been inspiring...and a welcome diversion from The Headache!


  1. I think so too. They have been working so hard this year, getting it to the finished stage! The green grass in the picture was just soppy clay last spring.

    I just wouldn't have the organization to do a multi year project like this, but Angie is an artistic person with vision and the ability to see it through.

  2. Hey Em! You know we're just STUBBORN! I am so happy to know it brightens your day. Hey I hear they have established a genetic component to migranes that will help work toward relief for migrane sufferers. Thought of your 'headache' and wish pray they figure it out quickly for you and all that have to deal with those darn things...

  3. Being stubborn on something like this project is definitely a plus. That is a LOT of work!!! And it looks soooo good! It's a happy place!

    From what I read about the genetic link to migraines also says the research may benefit ALL chronic pain sufferers even back pain problems as it may contain the key to how the brain decides something is PAIN. Yeah!!

  4. Winny,

    Thanks for mentioning my blog! The cabin I stayed at was also "green" to some extent - they used materials from old buildings in the area to build the cabins. The wood had so much character!

    Your friend's B&B is absolutely adorable. And they have an organic garden, how cool!!! :)

  5. I have to live vicariously viewing other people's vacations. Your trip to the mountains looked fantastic and sooooo relaxing and the cabin was really neat.

    Angie and her husband are trying their best to build with minimizing any negative impact to the local environment. Right now they are trying to finish the interior logs and fill in the cracks in the walls BEFORE the snow flies. It's already below freezing there. Bet it is beautiful in the snow!