Friday, August 27, 2010

Wishing For A Plan B

Plan A is not panning out!

Saw Dr. Hannibal Smith this week.  Unfortunately he didn't have a lot of good news for me.  Even among the best headache physicians in the country there was no consensus on how to continue to treat The Headache.  He asked about Botox and the response was mixed, so he told me we could try it but he wouldn't be able to predict the results.  I told him I would have to check into Botox injections a bit before deciding to having it done.  I have plenty of allergic reactions, and I don't want to have a three month battle with hives because I had to get Botoxed.  Plus I like having my eyebrows move, my face seems so much more human that way. 

The A-Team did an excellent job.  I was in the midst of The Headache, at the nausea stage when I got there.  Once I got back in a room, right away I was given a shot of zofran for the nausea and put in a quiet dark room.  Not used to that - normally I am tortured in brightly lit rooms, and cannot get anything for nausea etc until AFTER the doc sees me.  I am going for a psych eval to refresh my biofeedback training tomorrow and supposedly there is going to be some space aged ice pack for me to trial to see if I like it.  It sounds as if I won't be able to afford it!  Ice packs only cost a little bit and they last forever.

Saw my radiation oncologist today, Dr. Dunce #3.  He didn't tell me my problems are not from radiation exposure this time.  He did admit that I have thickening of the bowel walls which could be causing some of my symptoms (this has been present on my MRI's and CT scans since 2005).  He shooed the nurse out of the room and let me know he had gotten my lawyer's request for my records and wanted to know what I needed them for.  I explained I did not have a problem with Dr. Dunces care, but that the hospital had hired a physicist who didn't know how to do math, or probably use a computer, and had negligently provided no oversite for his calculations, and the physicist obviously did not double check his work, so I received an overdosage.  I am 4'11" tall. The report I was given said the brachytherapy had been off 4.8%, and standard deviation was 5% so they did not feel the difference was significant.  I told him what might be OK in someone of average height of is not right for someone of my stature - a couple of more inches shorther and I would need a booster seat to legally drive here.  I have still not been relased from his care and am to return in another year.

You know, I don't think I will gain one thing from my lawsuit unless it is the satisfaction that some lawyer somewhere is going to get a fat retainer from the hosptial until my case is settled or closed.  Take that Big Box Hospital!  I'll hit you where it hurts - your budget!

I am very very very tired - having only gotten a couple of hours sleep each night for almost the last two weeks.  Tuesday was a Bad Headache day and The Headache is still active tonight.  I am hoping maybe biofeedback dude might have something that will help.


  1. I'm glad you got such nice care from the A Team. Good luck with the bio-feedback.

  2. I'm sorry you're hurting. I know where you're coming from. It's been a rough summer and my base level is up again. I hate this monster.

  3. I was doing better, so I do more, then I don't do better, so I back off, then I do better, so I do infinitum. I think I need more brains.

  4. I have had Botox numerous times...but I dont really think it works. I had it in the beginning of this mth...felt a little better for about 2 weeks and that's it. I do, however, like the wrinkle free asepct! =)

    May I ask what your lawsuit is about? I must of missed something in my reading of your blog!

  5. Jessica - it goes back some years - I had vaginal HDR brachytherapy for endometrial cancer in 2004 - have had increasingly bad symptoms ever since. Found out this spring that the physicist they hired actually did miscalculate the dosage from the prescribed amount and give me an overdose. THEN the doc said one too many times you must have arthritis radiation can't cause this, so then I got an ambulance chasing annoy the hell out of you lawyer who is also a surgeon. HA!

    See these posts for most of the story - you may need to copy and paste - I'm not sure how to add them besides as a comment.

  6. Oh my. I'm so sorry you're going through all of this. I'm still collecting medical records and reports after my disastrous colonoscopy (Ya - sedation would have been a nice bonus!). Why is it so darn difficult to get my own medical records???? They belong to me legally in every way!

    Anyway, good luck with your legal stuff and all the rest.

  7. The more that is wrong, the less likely it is that you will get your "complete" medical record. Even in the U.S. where there is a law stating that your record is your own, if there is an oooboo it's like pulling teeth to pry it out of their hands. That's what finally got me mad!!

    So sorry you had a colonoscopy w/o sedation! I have heard horror stories about people who have had this happen but thought they were just that - stories..