Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th

Ready to Go Home

What a day!  The Headache has been messing with me all day, and my thought processes are jangled.  I lost my business cell phone today (I was pretty sure where I left it but it didn't seem to be visible) and felt really bad.  It had just taken one of my bosses about half a day to get the voice mail box fixed (apparently the cell phone was not attached to a voice mail box for whatever reason) and I misplaced the thing.  I even had someone drive me back to the restaurant we had eaten at for noon to see if the cell phone was there.  As I was calling my boss to say he better have the phone cut off, someone called into work and said the phone was found.  Yeah!!! No one would say where it was found - I think it was on the desk I thought it was buried under a bundle of paperwork that had been plopped on top of it. 

I was definitely bumfoozled by the time we left today. My mind was just full of cotton fluff. We left town and got rooms at a Best Western near the airport.  Apparently my grey hair came in handy as we got the AARP discount on our rooms.  First time my non-died hair has come in handy.  I'm actually starting to get white stripes at the temples, not just grey.  Somehow I dripped possessions behind me as I trailed along trying to trek around the hotel to find the lobby entrance.  My co-workers saw it happening (I was totally oblivious) and picked up the detritus and saved me from myself as I crumbled like bleu cheese as we crossed the hot parking lot.

I don't have much energy to get through tomorrow, but am going to get my mojo perking someway to get through the day.  I'm just need to get my dodo head to rub two brain cells together long enough to ignite some thought.  Putting positive thought towards The Leg and The Headache and The Belly.  My poor clients needed more time this week, but I just was not able to spend the amount of time they needed.  Hopefully next week while we are back in the office, they will come up with some questions and our next trip in a couple of weeks will help them use the system more efficiently.

Just glad I didn't go all Jason and Friday the 13th on folks concerning the cell phone.  The brain was not working which wasn't their fault.  Hopefully sleeping Sunday will get me able to get to the office Monday with a working brain!!  Going home tomorrow, leaving one co-worker here who is driving back to the client tonight- he is getting worn out, hope he gets to go home soon too, but this is just part of the business we do.

My boss has hopes he has found someone to work and travel with healthcare billing background to join our crew.  Hoping this one is a keeper!  Not sure if my body is going to keep on going even with me trying to just tuff it out, so desparately need to train someone in case I just can't continue. I will feel I have let my employers down and myself down if I don't have someone to fill my spot and I just fall apart again physically.  It's not their fault my warranty expired two years after I got hired. :(


  1. I bet you are ready to head home. Gosh I cannot imagine how you function in a job, meet people when you are mainly in pain all the time. Hope the healthcare billing crew thingy works out.((((WNPP))))

  2. This sounds like it was a really fun trip! I hope you made it hope safe and sound and to your own bug free bed with your non-ringing work cell phone near by.

  3. Back at home have slept and slept and slept. The Headache caught me on the trip home, but I had meds and it wasn't too bad, except throwing up on one of the planes. ewwwwwww - plane bathrooms are STINKY, and then navigating and getting to the next flight with a numb dumb head. Thank heavens I have great co-workers!

    JBR- I have my doubts about how well I function but my clients seem to think I am doing a good job, so I just go off their feedback. sigh.