Thursday, August 19, 2010

Does Anyone Really Know What Day It Is?

Does Anyone Really Care?

I have gone this entire week at work a day off.  I lost Sunday and Monday to The Headache and medication.  Somehow I have been working with the right date (like today 8-19-2010) but the wrong day of the week.  I came home, and my mother and I were talking and she said tomorrow is Friday, and I said no - tomorrow is Thursday.  THEN I checked my calendar and by golly she was right, tomorrow IS Friday.

I have been in brain fog mode all week, but today seemed extra bad.  I got to work an hour late (apparently all that pressure to BE ON TIME the other day wore off due to almost no sleep at all and less caffeine!) and then locked my keys in my car.  That's generally OK because I have one of those door key/car alarm beepers that I can click and electronically open the locks, & I keep that attached to my purse, however during my trip I put it in my luggage after eeeeking my car trunk open with it in the long term parking lot, and my luggage is still locked in my trunk.  Luckily I had an extra car door key at home (40 miles away) and my sister was kind enough to drive all that way just to bring it to me so I didn't have to call a door unlocking service and cost me $50.00 to get my car keys out of the seat.

It was one of those crazy days when everyone does a melt down - customers and co-workers alike - so I wasn't alone in brain fog land; I kept bumping into fellow fog bound travelers through out the day.  I stayed late tonight to make up time, and actually was able to think two coherent thoughts in a row when I had no phone calls coming in.

My co-worker who stayed behind at the clients this week lost all his possessions in a fire at his apartment complex here.  He is such a nice guy, he said all his good clothes were with him, so not to worry.  He wouldn't come home because he had a mission at the client to complete.  I sure hope he takes some time off when he gets back! His very nice daughter has been coordinating donations from his friends here at work and through out the city to get another apartment setup and ready for him to come back to this Saturday, but there are probably insurance adjusters and everything else waiting for him to get back here.  There were 10 families displaced by the fire and no one was injured, which is a miracle. The roof caught fire from an electrical short and part of the burning rafters collapsed into his apartment, pretty well destroying it.  Maybe it is a good thing he stayed behind at the clients, because he could have been home when the fire happened and the roof fell in.

Ready to go to bed soon, very tired, and I am determined to BE ON TIME again tomorrow.  Too many things to do and not enough days to do them.


  1. Wow so very sorry for all that has been going on with you and your co workers and the melt downs of many. Glad you could rejoice that today is Friday and not Thursday. I usually have trouble with Saturday. I wake up figuring I have to go to work. Blessings to you dear one.

  2. JBR - hopiong you get to sleep in this Saturday. Love your parakeets picture. Today has been sane and normal at work and while I wasn't quite ON TIME I was within 15 minutes

  3. Winny I loved what you said to me this morning with re. to hanging up on my mum. I love the Cheerio analogy. That made me chuckle. Thank you for your support always!!!!! Blessings to you.

  4. JBR: I've just been amazed at how you are just blazing new trails almost every week!! I think God is sending a warm wind to help whisk you along your new paths, but it's hard raising your Mom to be an independent adult at her age. Hang in there!