Thursday, August 5, 2010

Where the West Commences

Traveling Underneath the Starry Skies

I am feeling much better this evening.  I had a very productive day at work, and hope to repeat it tomorrow and the next day.  I enjoy my work greatly, especially when I feel well enough to be there and to think.  Brain cloud beware, I am getting better! Disperse!

I am still very very tired but things are in much better control than last week. I foolishly quit taking the daily plaquenil for my hives after getting home from the last pancreatitis bout. The medication can be harsh on your stomach and can cause nausea, so I was trying to eliminate anything that might be making my pain and nausea worse. Now I am head to toe hives: I felt like finding a tree and scratching my back on it today, but took another vistaryl instead. I am taking the plaquenil again but it takes awhile to build up a blood level.

Will be traveling to a client next week, in the deep Southwestern United States.  Hoping I am up for the plane rides and trouping through the airports.  I am definitely checking my suitcase, but will carryon my boat anchor of a laptop.  It has some legacy software installed on it that I may need when I get to the client's.  Better to drag it with me, than need it and not have it.  I am sure I will find some use for it, if only to use the email to report back to the office.

I will be travelling with my full drug cabinet of medication, but am paring down the quantities - same number of bottles, but less pills to spill.  I ate some real food yesterday and today, hoping to be able to eat next week but I can always just go on with eating every third day.  I am not communicating my travel plans to any healthcare professional, as I am ignoring two different physician's advice and don't want to hear any flak about it.  They don't have to pay my bills: I do.  If there are any adverse consequences I will take the butt chewing later otherwise the less they know the better.

Liquids are staying down, and not only am I getting hydrated, but the cankles are threatening to return.  Oh the woe of cankles - I just know they will manifest themselves during flight time and refuse to disappear.  I get rid of them, and just when I don't want them - reappearo.

I'm going to make the legs behave even if they cankle up on me.  I am going to be a good girl and bring my cane and sensible shoes.  I am working to get The Belly in shape, and pray that The Headache will behave itself.  I haven't been to high desert climates since The Headache began, so hoping it actually will make The Headache feel better rather than make it worse!  The Belly really doesn't like to fly as I tend to dehydrate myself in order to control bathroom breaks, and dehydration makes it really ouchy.  I'll try to keep a little more fluid in my system than I have been when flying lately, so my hydraulics stay in better shape.  Cactus land here I come!


  1. Dear one I commend you with the amount of traveling you do, I am surprised you can do what you do. I get tired just reading about your adventures. Praying your strength is with you on this upcoming trip. Blessings dear one.

  2. I'm glad you are feeling so good! What good news :) Good luck on your trip. Sounds like you are well prepared.

  3. Hoping for great weather, going to one of my favorite states, praying for my health to hold out!

    I'm lucky that I really really like the company I work for and the work I do. Just wish I was better able physically to do it!