Friday, August 20, 2010

In the Big Rock Candy Mountains

Where the BlueBird Sings

Thinking of going to the Big Rock Candy Mountains for a mind vacation.  Would love to see the lemonade springs and never have to change my socks!  You get to sleep all day too!!

Thinking maybe there is an issue with The Headache and sleeping lately.  On average I got three hours sleep a night this week.  So tired I am jittery.  Gonna think happy thoughts about the Big Rock Candy Mountains and go to sleep dreaming about it!

I will be traveling to the southwest again in September, and then switch gears and go to the northern Midwest in October. Hopefully that will be the end of my travel/training for a while! The boss gave me the good news that our new team member starts Monday!!!  The new guy interviewed wonderfully, seems to have a great attitude, and is ready for an adventure and some travel.  Hopefully after fully training him, I won't have to travel anymore unless absolutely necessary.  Woo Hoo!  Big Rock Candy Mountain kind of day indeed!


  1. I think you need and deserve this mind vacation. I took a little one last week and know I need to take another one soon. Go for it and have fun (even if that means sleeping the whole time)!

  2. Thanks MP - gonna give a try! I'm gonna have to pass on the lake of stew and whiskey too though!

  3. I like mind vacations. They are like mini vacations. I take them periodically by staring at a beautiful picture of a field of green lushious grass. But the real thing is better. Enjoy!

    Blessings to you dear Winny.

  4. Mind vacations are pretty inexpensive too!!! Thanks JBR!