Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ready to Fly Away

Sleepless Night

About ready to travel to the airport for my early early morning flight. No reason to sleep - I guess I will catch up on the plane(s). Just about packed, will be checking my bag, but that leaves all my medication (need a briefcase just for that) and my cane and my PC to get on board.

I'm such a baby anymore I carry a warm blanket with me. Tired of freezing to death at airports and on planes, either because I am cold because of The Headache pain, or cold because the airport and the plane are cold.  I use it as a pillow too, so the neck doesn't get too cramped.

I get the hand pat down in security because I can't go through the metal detectors. Have some comfy shoes and loose clothes so I can try to circumvent the cankle situation while flying. Haven't eaten too much today, and may not tomorrow until we reach our destination. Less liquids + less food = able to make it between bathrooms!

Am going to go and double check - ID, money, blanket, clothes, reading materials, luggage, PC, medication. Pretty tired, but am catching my second wind. Hope you all have a great Sunday. I will be sitting in uncomfortable chairs in cramped conditions trying to get from point A to point B. It's a lot more fun when you go with a group of people tho, and my coworkers are all good travelers, so I will probably enjoy myself despite the discomfort.  The Headache and The Belly and The Legs are not good travelers, so I'm going to try to fool them by thinking I'm a little Monarch butterfly on my way to Mexico, like Winnie the Pooh pretending to be a rain cloud to fool the Bees in the Honey Tree. Tut, tut, it looks like Rain!


  1. Dear one seems you have everything in order. You have learned through the many trips you have been on what is required, I suppose. Blessings and headache free for you!!!!

  2. Thanks JBR, arrived safely trying to put The Headache to bed!

  3. Prayers for a safe and non painful trip for you!!
    Glad to see you made it safely there!!! My word verification is
    God Bless~
    Debbie Jean

  4. Hope that you have a FANTASTIC trip!

  5. Thanks all - putting the body to bed soon, body is still on central standard daylight savings time.

    The clients are great to work with here, very smart folks that are embracing change! Now if I just can get my brain to work at their speed.....