Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Freezing in the Sunlight

Can't Get Warm

I think my pain levels are increasing because I am unable to get warm, and this is one of the warmest areas of the United States.  Beautiful sunshine, and my co-workers are hot, and here I am running the heater in my hotel room at 85 degrees and I'm still cold.  Don't know why I get cold when I hurt but I do.  Inability to get warm is a sign its pain related and not real cold.

I fell in my hotel room yesterday morning because my lower legs are somewhat numb yet I am having increasing pain at the same time.  Banged up my knee and injured my pride but it's a sign how dangerous having numb feet with poor reflexes can be.  Third day of travel and standing and I forgot my cane this morning.   I will be sure to remember it tomorrow.

I am so tired that I try to sit as much as possible while working at the client.  They are such nice folks, and have been super fun to work with - quick learners.  I just wish I knew more Spanish because I can pick up a word here or there from the Spanish speakers but its a mystery to me exactly what they are saying.  For some reason, just hearing it in Spanish makes mundane comments sound like such fun!  I am envious of people who can speak more than one language fluently.  I think it shows great flexibility of the brain and mine is about as flexible as a deflated football.

I am staying at a very nice, new hotel, but there are bugs - some kind of little beetle - running around my room tonight.  I have killed several until I just don't have the heart to kill anymore.  Too big to be bedbugs, they remind me of box elder bugs back in Missouri.  Just giving me the creeps....I just know one will crawl on me when I'm asleep.  I'm sure they are harmless, but ick is all I can say.

Have tried to eat at restaurants the last couple of days. Can't do it - The Belly doth protest and the hives have started swarming, along with the bugs in my motel room.

I am extremely fatigued which is why I have been trying to eat - I am very hungry so thought maybe that is part of the reason I am so tired.  I haven't been too successful the last two days, as nothing is staying with me.  Just wish I could sleep better and have more energy.

The legs are not happy tonight because I forgot that durn cane.  I may medicate - hoping that I will wake up in plenty of time tomorrow.  Wishing I could get warm and stay that way!

The bugs are increasing, so I called the front desk.  I'm too tired to move rooms, asking if they could have someone spray tomorrow while I am gone.  The front desk guy said don't squash them, they are stinky.  Uh oh, too late.  Might not get very much sleep tonight, not sure if I want to sleep in drugged slumber while the attack of the stinky box elder looking bugs progresses!  Big Sigh.


  1. We had a mini heatwave last week and I noticed that I was sweating, but my feet were freezing. I never thought I'd be wearing socks non-stop in the middle of August, but there it is.

    Take care. May the bugs leave you in piece. Ugh.

  2. Steph - they are increasing. I may get so grossed out I have to change rooms cause I'm getting the creepy crawlies - ewwwwwww!

    Pain does weird things to body temp to me, glad I'm not the only one! I've got the heat at 85 and am wrapped in a hopefully bug free blanket and I'm still cold.

  3. Ick, ick, ick! I am getting the creepy crawlies just thinking about it. I hope you get away from them soon - one way or another.

  4. Not a bug to be seen this morning, but I was extra careful shaking out everything because they went SOMEWHERE!!! eeeeeeee!

  5. Oh how I HATE bugs!! You poor thing!!

    I am sorry you are feeling so cold. We are all dieing in this heat here, can't even imagine being cold right now, except my feet and hands, they are always cold!! That's the neuropathy.

    I so hope that you feel better soon.

    God Bless~
    Debbie Jean

  6. Found one of the little devils on my bed tonight. I'm complaining, again!

    Maybe I have entire body neuropathy! Everyone was cooking hot today and I was shivering...97 degrees....