Saturday, August 7, 2010



I was going to write an entry for Diana Lee's headache blog on Coping with Headache Disorders.  This is how dysfunctional my last month has made me - I can't Cope with writing a post on Coping.

I am underwater and running out of air.  The surface of the water seems far away and it's light is fading and I don't have the strength to swim for it.  I dream of quiet streams, floating in the current, allowing it to carry me to lands unknown.

I don't think I am Coping with anything right now.  I am ReActing.  Reaction is a response to immediate circumstances without any regard to success.  Coping is a planned effort to better a situation and plan to avoid future bad Reactions.

I am planning to travel this next week. I am hoping just to survive without having to hit the emergency room.  There will be several of us traveling together, and I won't have to drive.  I am past being able to drive which is also something I am not Coping with very well.

I think I am just going to run away and join the Circus.  Everything will be fine if I was with the Circus! Send in the Clowns - well maybe next year...


  1. Oh no. I'm sorry you are struggling so much right now. It must be tough to head out on a business trip already feeling overwhelmed. Hopefully you'll be able to avoid the ER.

  2. I'm tougher than I think in the wee hours of the morning. I'm sure I will be fine!

  3. Well I am right there with ya! I, too, wanted to write a post for the blog carnival, but am definately not coping with anything right now!

  4. It's bad when you can't cope with trying to describe how you do cope, when means we aren't coping very well, eh? Dagnabbit!

  5. I am there with ya, friend. Which circus should we join? I am very tired of the pain and fatique. I went out today and tried to pull some weeds in the yard, as it was cooler today with less humidity and oh boy did that hurt!!!

    I hope your travels will turn out OK. As much as I wish I were working, I miss it so much, I know, I could not do it no longer. You are in my daily thoughts and prayers.

    God Bless~
    Debbie Jean

  6. Thank you Debbie Jean. I just decided to like weeds - it's so much easier. The small things are the most aggravating.

    I want to join Cirque De Soleil cause they are cool, but I am probably going to have to join some ittle bitty circus where they are clown challenged. You can drive the crazy clown car, and I can fall off humerously!

  7. I guess humerously would be from a injury to my humerus - I think I meant humorously but my head hurts and I don't think clowns should have to spell.

  8. You may want to re-think the circus idea...or at least I'm not too sure about it anymore after reading 'Water for Elephants' just doesn't sound like the fun time I always imagined. But, to each their own. All kidding aside, I'm sorry to hear that you are still going down this rough road...I was hoping that you'd get a break. I hope during your traveling, you find some kind of peace.

  9. Thanks Charlene! I guess I'm the sad sack kind of clown, that doesn't get know the ones in the frownyface clown pictures. May have to read Water for Elephants to disenchant myself from running away!!!!