Friday, August 13, 2010

Battle of the Bugs

Creepy Crawly Critters

Have had to complain to hotel management again.  This time the bugs were on my bed.  I have just gotten through ripping up my bed and shaking out all the covers.  I don't know if I'm going to get any sleep tonight at all and am much too tired to change rooms.  I did call the night desk and told them I am going to insist on an adjustment on my bill, since I complained Wednesday or rather Tuesday evening, and they were supposed to exterminate them but here they are again, off the walls and prancing around my covers.

I have the shivery skin crawling heeby jeebies, but I just have to stick it out this one more night, with check out tomorrow, and then a night in Tucson (praying for no more bugs!) waiting on my Saturday morning plane ride.  I have a dread of palmetto bugs which seem to thrive in warmer climates, but hopefully won't have any of those invading my room.  The bad part is this is such a very nice brand new hotel and I seem to have gotten the bug room.  No one else I am traveling with is having these issues.  I refuse to pay full price for a buggy room, I don't care if the client is picking up the tab.

Thinking of sleeping on the couch in my room, but it may be full of bugs too. Making my skin itch just imagining it.  At least they don't seem to be the biting type of beetles.  Maybe the extermination effort just drove them from the walls into the bed and couch.  Ick!

Ended up today very sick feeling, so skipped supper this evening, and just rested and packed my luggage for checkout tomorrow.  Almost got physically down to where I couldn't pick myself up to go today.    Really need to spend more time here, but physically I don't think I am going to be able.  The Legs are not cooperating, nor is The Belly, and The Headache has been trying to interfere the last two days. One more day I tell myself, and it will be a short day because my associate that is driving us to the hotel by the airport needs to come back tomorrow evening. And after that a loooong day of flying and airports.

Gonna have to pick up the pace tomorrow to get done what needs to be done.  The clients have been wonderful, making very good decisions about conversion issues and future planning.  I only have to explain one time and they fly with it.  Just hope they keep asking questions even when I am not physically here to answer them.  We expect a large number of support issues in the first three months after system installation is complete as people start using the system more fully.  Plus the Spanish just makes it seem much more fun, why I don't know.  I think it is because they are just a fun crew, English or Spanish language.

Going to try to go to sleep, but am sorta not wanting to turn off the lights because I won't know where the bugs are at.  Big Sigh......

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