Monday, March 22, 2010

One Day's Difference

Snow Now Gone!

Really lovely weather today, can't hardly believe that the snowstorm of last weekend happened.  Left for work with snow still on the ground, covering the yard, ice still showering down from the trees.  Came back from work this evening, and only a few little bits of snow were left.  The robins are happy, and we had two meadowlarks that were very bedraggled and sad about the snow so I'm hoping they are back to nesting now.  Looks like all the leaves in the yard tried to wash up on my back porch/patio though.

At work, got a different room and desk this week since apparently last week while I worked from home it was "Moving week" at the office!  I laugh everytime it happens - we play musical desks about every six to eight months where I work.  I really don't care where I sit (except next to the lunch room when I am nauseous is not so great) but I got moved out of the office of many lights to a nice warm room (actually hot in the summer) with fewer flourescents and some soft nice natural light.  My only request this time was that I NOT be moved to the super cold conference room area.  You can practically see your breath in there, and I think I would have to wear a winter coat all year long.  I think this one will be nice and toasty.  Yeah!  At least until next moving week, eh??

The new employee the trainer trainee is EXCELLENT!  I am holding my breath that she continues to like the company and the work.  She is bright, a quick learner, good sense of humor, and a great communicator.  Woo Hoo!  She has two school age boys, so I am hoping that the travel part of the job won't be too much for her.  I have such a great crew to work with: the programmers are fantastic, and the clients are great [even when I get client fatigue from being there too long], and now finally someone trainable with the ability to do the job!  Life is good at work, if I can just get the body to cooperate with the brain!

Not a great day for me pain wise, but am just sucking it up and moving forward.  Resting last weekend helped, but still very painful for me - especially driving. Can't take the meds and drive to work, so nothing until I get ready to go to bed. The Soma takes away a lot of the nerve pain, but I am left with pretty weak legs, so not too functional lately. Ah well, maybe tomorrow all will be normal!  After all, look what happened to the snow in one day!

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