Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wylie Coyote Kind of Day

I Keep Trying

One of those days, one of those weeks.  Head hammering like an Acme Anvil dropped on it, nerves on fire but pain medication makes the head worse, so will try not to take any for awhile. I'm getting used to hurting so I just need to toughen up some.  Accomplished a lot today, but am paying for it this evening.   Not sure somedays why I even make the effort to do anything, because someway somehow it backfires, just like when Wylie Coyote tries a new surefire way to catch the Roadrunner. 

I worked late today getting my new office space somewhat in order.  They just moved my stuff in to the former occupant's desk(s) and only removed the former occupant's stuff that was ON the desk(s) or on the walls.  My stuff, a lot from the recent implementation was sorta strewn all over the place.  I cleaned out drawers nicely and neatly and put the stuff in my former office holder's new office.  I even assembled one of those wire Pendaflex file hangers for her drawers (she is out of office this week) which for me is going above and beyond the call of duty - I hate those things with a passion.  I just didn't want her to have to come back to the office and then do all that too in addition to putting things away.  She's been really good natured about the move since she works from home mostly, but she got put back in a way worse space, although it is much quieter and out of the way.  I have partially rearranged my new space so it is more conducive to how I work, and may stay late tomorrow (I guess today) to hang pictures and arrange the heaviest thing there - a big wooden desk.

I now have a good sized pile of shredding to put in the shred box, I keep everything from an implementation until about a month afterwards to double check that I have covered everything that needed done, so this can be a pretty good sized pile of paper at the end.  We start the next implementation training schedule towards the end of April.  Hoping my wacky leg nerves will be better by then.  At least there is a clear spot or two on that big desk.  I need more cabling to safely connect my PC to the LAN, right now there is cable accross the floor.  I did find enough telephone extension wiring to put the phone safely where I wanted it.

Trying to eat small meals more often at work, but keeping anything down is a struggle.  Wasn't successful yesterday, but today was a little better. Will keep working on it to see if it makes a difference.

Not much going on in my world, just trying to work.  My nephew-in-law got back from China, and promptly had to go to the hospital as he brought back some kind of Chinese bronchitis.  He thought he caught it on the 13 hour plane trip home.  No matter how completely the air is cleansed in an airplane, it is impossible to avoid exposure when people are hacking, sneezing, coughing, or vomiting in your general vicinity.   Probably next fall's flu virus just being premiered before the prevaling winds bring it over from Asia to America.  He found the people very kind and gracious, just wished he hadn't caught whatever bug it is he has.

PS - The Headache is not good this evening, so just ignore the misspellings and typos. The hands and the brain are not coordinating..

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