Saturday, March 6, 2010

Over-Radiation Validation?

The Hospital Has Responded (sort of)

When I got home from traveling this week for work, there was a letter waiting for me from my radiation oncologist.  This is in response to my email asking them to check to see if I could have had been administered too much radiation.  I was courteous but firm in my email fully expecting the same "there is no possible way you could have these problems from radiation therapy" or "I would never prescribe radiation therapy to anyone if it caused problems like you SAY you are having" response that has been my experience from these physicians in the past.  I was surprised.

The gist of the letter states that reactions like mine to radiation therapy are rare (I'll give them that) and according to what was "prescribed" [notice they did not say administered or delivered] I should not have had these problems.  However, they are sending my records to the independent physicists consulting group that is working its way through their files for a full review, both of the external beam therapy and the internal high dose rate brachytherapy.  They ask for patience as a full review will take some time.  I wish they had taken a little more time when they figured my dosage 6 years ago, but I will try to be patient.  It's not like more time is going to make any difference other than me getting slowly worse.  I am glad for the independent review, and hope it will shed some light on my physical issues from therapy.  My luck is that it won't..

I am extremely tired and exhausted.  The Headache is not happy, The Belly is not happy, and I'm not able to do very much.  I have had a very very very very long week at the clients'.  Our clients are very good people, but the chaos of a computer conversion disrupts their normal work flow and creates havoc.  I am excellent dealing with this, but then our clients want me to stay and stay and stay and help, and there is only so much I can do as an outside vendor to solve their problems. 

Maybe I just need to start my own problem solving business.  Hmmm, guess I should start on mine first.  Bummer.


  1. At least they are taking it very serious and are willing to do the work up. Let me know if you do start that problem solving business business, I could be your first client :)

  2. I am glad they are actually listening to me NOW! I had to go all the way to St. Louis/Wash U/Barnes to confirm what I already knew last fall because none of the docs here would do anything.

    I'll look you up for a client once I get my own problems solved. You might be very very old by that time!!! :)

  3. Maybe your body is trying to tell you that you need to be closer to your good doctors here in STL.

    Oh maybe I should be co-owner in this problem solving business, haha

  4. I'll remember you when I put up my shingle!!!! The Nicole and Winnyninnypoopoo Fixit Crew!!!

    I do have to say I was impressed with Barnes. A very good hospital and the doctors had great attitudes.

  5. Winny, your words of encouragement on my blog has really touched me. My bloggy buddies are truly special, and God is letting me see that Thank you for who you are dear one!!!

  6. JBR, we all struggle in this life to make connections that are meaningful. I know reading your blogs and corresponding with you has added depth, friendship and meaning to my life.

    Thank you for taking the time and effort to reach out to others. Hoping you have migraine free days ahead!!!