Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bad Headache No. 2 2010

Storms Bring Pain

Not sure if I have been doing too much, or if it is just the enormous thunderstorms that have been moving in all day, but I have been down for the count since about 3 AM this morning.

I'm too sick to drive, but not in enough pain to call an ambulance. The pain has migrated from my left side and has now included the right side of my head. This is first time its done that this year.

I have the stimulator on high, and have taken all the phenergan and benedryl I think is wise. I have percocet I can take, but it doesn't do a thing for the head pain so there really isn't any reason to take it unless I get truly desparate. Foolishly I flushed away my rescue Dilaudid last fall thinking I would never need it again.

My blood pressure is very very high, and getting higher. Doesn't bode well for me - a sign The Headache is gaining the upper hand. I'm tired, even though the benedryl/phenergan has had me napping throughout the day. Typical of The Headache, it can't be slept off like I used to be able to do with migraines.

Hoping if the storm system passes over me without a tornado snatching me up The Headache will pass too. Tornados were spotted about thirty miles northeast of here so I think they will miss us this time.  Ready for The Headache roller coaster ride to be over tonight.

Thinking of tornados, my brother and his (then) five year old son are tornado survivors. They were residents of the "Lucky Lady" trailer park  several years ago when it got hit directly by a tornado. It picked my brother's 80 foot trailer home up, turned it upside down, shoved a tree through the bedroom and down the hallway and desposited it on top of another trailer. I told him that was the new extreme sport, tornado surfing in a house trailer. You know God has plans for you when He picks you up in a tornado, says "Uh uh, its not your time" and puts you back down in an area of total devastation and you and your child only have a few scratches. Needless to say, they both get nervous when the weather turns bad.

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