Monday, March 15, 2010

Fire Tender

Furnace Woes

Today (really early early this AM) my furnace died.  It is only 10 years old, and the "cool air intake blower motor" decided to quit.  I will call the heating and cooling dudes tomorrow morning and get them to come out, order parts, and fix it.  If it had only waited a few more weeks, I might not have needed the repair until next fall.  Big Sigh.

Tonight I am tending a fire in my fireplace insert (a wood stove inserted into the fireplace space) and now have the house temperature almost up to eighty degrees.  My mother, being elderly, gets cold very easily and with The Headache I also cannot tolerate cool temperatures, so we generally keep the house at a tropical 82 degrees all year long.  In the summertime with high humidity I drop the temperature lower with air conditioning because my mother has difficulty breathing, but otherwise I live in a pretty warm house.  I am glad so far we have been able to afford the luxury of warmth.  The people who owned this house before me heated only with wood using the fireplace insert (it has temperature contolled blowers which helped keep the temp even throughout the house) but my mom has allergy issues with wood smoke, so I only use it on the coldest nights or in case of emergencies like now.

The Headache and The Belly are not happy with me lifting good sized logs to put them on the fire.  Neither problem likes the movement or the exercise I guess.  My nerve pain in the pelvic region is on overdrive and the nerve pain in my feet is excruciating.  Not sure if this is aggravated by the heavy lifting or if it just the result of being poked and prodded last week during my cancer checkup, but my legs are very weak too which happens when the nerve pain gets bad.

I'm sorta excited about work next week because my sweet boss hired another trainer to replace the one who only lasted a couple of weeks! The Big Guy hit one out of the ballpark this time I hope! I shouldn't have to travel right away, and maybe can get her oriented to the job better than the last gal who only lasted a couple of weeks.  I think I work for the best company in the universe!  This new lady has tons of experience in programming and software support, just no medical business experience, which is fine.  I can train her in medical office terminology and business practices, there just is no way (like with the last gal) to train someone in the mindset of thinking like a computer works!!  I'm so glad she is on board, praying that she likes the job and likes to travel.  Woo Hoo!!!


  1. You certainly must be toasty in your 80 degree weather. Warmer than where I live. Thanks dear one for your continued support and encouargement to me. Blessings.

  2. Toasty warm is my goal!!!! I probably would have a heater on in Arizona if I lived there!!!