Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Malfunctioning Legs

Need That Bongo Sound Effect

Bongo Feet sound clip

I've had a hard time this week with pain especially leg pain.  Finally the other night I decided that I was being stupid so took some of the medication I carry with me just because of this problem.  Instead of impairing my ability to think, I was able to think of something besides pain. I think my concentration was improved rather hindered.

I have been standing a great deal the last few days, and walking back and forth between two buildings at the client we are working with which is a couple of blocks.  Doesn't sound like a lot of effort, but my legs have been getting weaker each day.  I would hope that using the durn pegs more would make them stronger, but they are just not cooperating.

Today I stood up from sitting in a chair and working on a computer for about 30 minutes and my legs wouldn't move.  I couldn't pick my feet up.  I couldn't scoot them forward.  My body had forward momentum but the legs and feet were glued to the floor where I stood up.  I don't have good sensation in my feet but this was different.  It was like sending a message to the feet - move Move MOVE - and they weren't paying attention.  The legs weren't asleep (as from a pinched nerve) they just weren't obeying.

I caught myself on the desk where I stood since I was my generally hell bent on getting somewhere self and had started moving my whole body forward, not realizing my legs were nailed to the ground.  I felt like I was in a cartoon where the feet move in a blur but you don't go anywhere.  I thought if I only had that bongo sound effect I could just skedaddle and get going!!!  Pyoooooiiing!!

I managed to unglue my feet by actually sliding my legs forward using my thigh muscles and lifted my feet and tried to stomp them into submission the same way.  I sure was glad I had BLING with me!  I have been using BLING daily but even BLING was not enough motivating force today.  I have had to kind of lift my legs tonight and shuffle along but I'm able to ambulate.

Tonight I am sitting around the hotel room hoping the legs will revive.  They are hurting, tingling, very weak and pretty numb.  The huge hives that were on them last weekend have shrunk to normal hive size, so I don't think this is due to angioedema.  Not sure what to do if The Legs just quit on me.  I wonder if this is what Dr. SassyPants meant by saying he didn't know if I could make it through this fall traveling.  Am halfway afraid to take Soma tonight in case that is what stopped me in place like a mouse in a glue trap, but also know if I don't take it I won't be able to walk because of the pain. 

I guess if I get stuck again, I can get myself a fancy slide along walker - one of my bloggie friends has a fancy rollerator walker that I am quite jealous of.  There is a bright side to everything and the fact that there are fancy rollerator walkers I could shop for is definitely a bright side.  I wonder if they make walkers out of carved aluminum like BLING??  I would like my chariot and my pogo gogo stick to match.  Maybe I can get mini-spinners for the wheels!!! 


  1. Do hope your legs finally connected to you dear one. Here with you and listening dear one. Love the bongo affect! Cool.....

  2. I have been wanting to ask you some questions about your stimulator, if you could email me at kuzcopoi0933@att.net, that be great.

  3. JBR: I think I may get a recording of the bongo's I can just play at any time to make my feet go! Pyooooinnnnnngg!

    Fighter: I will send you an email from my winnyninnypoopoo account!!! Be glad to answer any questions....