Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Legs Legs Legs

Need Magic

Have been using my cane BLING and taking pain medication in order to get by this week. As the pain increases, the time release medication lasts shorter and shorter periods of time. Instead of 12 hours, it seems to lose its umph at about 4 hours. Attempting to sit as much as possible but it is difficult.

My legs are on fire this evening. I decided to rest in my hotel room this evening, not going out to eat with my co-workers. The pain is not good, but I am waiting until 12 hours have passed before taking another pill. It is becoming hard to get in and out of cars in addition to having issues with walking standing and sitting. Sigh....

The client would like me to stay another week. I am willing to stay, just not sure how I will force my body to my will. They are wonderful people, and I understand their wish to have someone here for another week.  Working on problems for other clients from the hotel room this evening.  I need a magic wand - bippity boppity boo - and all will be well. Wishing I had a fairy godmother!!


  1. Oh dear one I hope your legs calmed down for you. I am so truly sorry for your constant pain and struggles. ((((Winny))))

  2. I still think your doc should do a few more tests for Lupus.
    And then maybe you can go on some other meds and see if you improve .

  3. JBR: I'm trying to take the pain medication on schedule which is helping some. Thanks heaven for pain meds!!!!

    Just Me: I will check with my immunologist when I get back home. I have had some tests (ANA, C4) which were negative after looking at my tests. :( wishing I didn't need any tests at all!