Monday, November 29, 2010


Long Day

Over Thanksgiving my Mom, who is 80, had a dizzy spell.  We thought maybe she had just gotten too interested in everybody and everything and not eaten correctly.  Friday she had a brief spell at 5 AM, on Saturday she was better, on Sunday she had another brief episode, and this morning she was again unable to talk and very nauseated due to the dizziness.  She caught me just as I was ready to go out the door to commute to work.

I remembered to take her blood sugar in order to make sure she was not having low blood sugar.  Nope, normal.  She didn't feel better after drinking some coffee and eating something.  I gave her a choice - urgent care, emergency room, or doctor visit.  She chose emergency room, and the one closest to us.

Once there we waited and waited and waited.  There had been some ice or heavy frost that morning, and there were 4 different people there with falls.  Mom's blood pressure was pretty elevated, and she was still dizzy by the time the triage nurse got to talk to her.

The end result of the visit is that #1) Mom is having an inner ear disturbance/infection.  or #2) Mom has had a slight stroke in the vestibular area of the brain.  The doc gave a script for anti-vert in case #1 was true.  He suggested watchful waiting to make sure that #2 was not true.  He said the only treatment for that type of stroke would be blood thinners, and Mom is already on those.  If she does not improve in a couple of days we are to go to her regular doc.

I'm hiving pretty big time this evening and ready to go to sleep.  Not sure what to do about work.  I feel I need to wait until Mom wakes up and see how she is doing before I make any decisions tomorrow.  Hoping the antivert will make her less dizzy, but not confident that it will.


  1. I'll say a few extra prayers for you and your mom tonight. Try and get some rest.

  2. Thanks Kristin -prayers are needed! At a certain age sometimes things happen that just can't be fixed. My Mom is just a lot tougher than I am!

  3. Praying that you and your Mom sleeps well and wakes up feeling better.

    God Bless~
    Debbie Jean

  4. Debbie Jean: Thanks so much for the prayers. I fear sleep is going to be elusive for me tonight (too much walking/sitting/driving for me today) but Mom is sleeping well due to the antivert!

  5. Dear Winny, I do hope the hives have calmed down for you and you can get the much needed sleep. Also, hope your mum is doing better. ((((Winny and Mum))))

  6. JBR: Thanks for the hugs. Hiving away still tonight. Mom slept the day away today, but still dizzy. Giving the meds another day to work hoping for the best!

  7. Sorry about your mom.

    Unfortunately...Antivert doesn't do much!

  8. You and your mom are in my thoughts. If it helps, you can find more info - or even a specialist - at

  9. Jessica: Hoping that antivert does the trick, which would mean that its an inner ear problem. The doc said it would take a couple of days if that is it.

    Jasminepw: Thanks for the link - I will check it out!! I am lucky in that we have a vestibular rehabilitation therapy specialist in the same town we live in - if they haven't moved! there is a large hospital in town that is the state "head injury" hospital, so they see more than their share of dizzy people!!

  10. I hope your mom is feeling better very soon.

    I'm sorry about your hives. Even if you can't sleep, try to get some rest. I have major insomnia problems. Sometimes if I pick the right music, I can at least lie down and rest... even if I can't actually fall asleep.

    You and your mom are in my thoughts.


  11. Thanks Jeanne! Mom is some better today giving me hope that it is an inner ear problem. yeah!!

    My hives and I are old friends, been hanging out together now since 2007 pretty much every day.

    I will try and listen to my "thunderstorm" CD. Why can I sleep when a tornado beckons? may as well take advantage of this quirk!!!