Sunday, November 7, 2010


My Mom Turns 80

Bumming tonight in my Michigan motel room.  It's a nice enough room.  The people are fantastic.  Just missing home.

My mom turned 80 today, and my brother (who is actually quite the cook) made a cake for her.  Looks like she was enjoying blowing out the candles!  Hopefully my other brother, and my sister and her husband were able to stop by.  She is a third year survivor of colon cancer and is a lot more frail than she was.  Wishing I was there too.  I left her a birthday present before I left, but its not like being there

Off to work tomorrow, have been laying low over the weekend with a brief jaunt to a local city that was like a mini-Bavaria.  Interesting and touristy. Felt sorry for everyone in drindle skirts and leiderhosen.  Pain has been bad off and on, but am off the dilaudid and taking some oxycontin so it can "time release" and hopefully not make me hive as bad.  Long week ahead, will be even longer when I am feeling homesick.


  1. I love those three little space man people. They are so cute.

    Dear one here listening and praying for you.


  2. Hey, I tried to email you last week but I'm not sure if you got it. Could you email me when you get a chance? It's regarding your stimulator. Thanks!

  3. JBR: They were just too cute to resist!!! Thanks for the blessings!!

    Banner: checked my email(s) didn't find yours not sure where it might have landed. Emailed you direct from my yahoo account. Be glad to answer any questions.

  4. Happy Birthday to your Mom. Thinking of you and wishing you could be there with her. But she knows you're there in spirit.

  5. Thanks Sue! This is the first birthday I have missed of hers for years. She had a good time with my brothers and sister and with cards from nieces nephews and grandchildren - even got some pictures of great grandchildren.

  6. Happy birthday to your mom too !
    And how long until you are able to get back home?

    wishing you to feel better soon :)

  7. Just Me: I will let my Mom know you said happy B-day!!! Not going back until the middle of next week now. I would settle for not getting worse instead of feeling better!!!! :)