Saturday, November 13, 2010

Deer Season in Michigan

Motel Availability Issues

Glad I am staying until Wednesday of next week since we have some issues that need to be taken care of software and hardware wise on this installation.  However, I only brought enough clothes for 16 days, I brought barely enough medication for 20 days, and I have appointments that I have had to reschedule for next week.  Sigh.  Did some laundry this afternoon so I have clean clothes for next week.

Rescheduling plane flights so close to Thanksgiving has been expensive, and to our dismay we found that we have to change motel rooms becuase this weekend or maybe Monday is the start of deer season in Michigan, so the motel is booked.  We are moving rooms at the same motel: my co-worker got the honeymoon suite with the red heart shaped whirlpool tub, I get the claustrophobia room which appaently is so small the clerk said if I had difficulty breathing they could see if they could get me another room.  That must be mightly tight quarters!!!  They tried to get me to say I would sleep on the couch in the honeymoon suite and I said nope, I prefer to be oxygen deprived in the tiny room.  I'm a small person, so if it's a munchkin room it should be fine for me.

I have seen a lot of plaid today as I guess the hunters have started coming into town.  Hoping the bullets fly far outside of town and far away from the motel I am staying at.  Being a country gal myself, I get nervous when people who don't handle a gun all year come in droves to shoot high powered rifles in the woods.  99.9% are great sportsmen and sportswomen, but the 0.1% that get "deer fever" can be very dangerous to the remainder.

Having some pain this evening but I haven't taken any pain meds for another day because The Headache was starting to complain.   I feel so stuck betweeen  one pain problem and the other, with treating one causing problems with the other.  Just call me gripey today.  Hmph.

Planning on doing absolutely nothing tomorrow except move rooms.  At least it forces me to organize my luggage and repack. :(


  1. There was a run on camo and fluorescent orange at the fabric store today. Who knew hunters liked crafter items...

  2. Yeah, I know air fare around holiday's are always high. Always best but I know you cannot in advance like a year. Hoping you were able to sleep okay and the bullets did not find your hotel. Blessings to you dear one.

  3. Kristin: Crafty me thinking Elmer Fudd...gonna catch a wabbit!!!!

    JBR: Wish I had a time machine and I would be back home by now. No whistling bullets yet!

    Update: Yeah!!! A hunter cancelled and I no longer have to move my room to tiny 5. I get to stay in semi luxurius 10. WooHoo!!! but I already had everything ready to move...sigh.

  4. Woohoo on not having to switch rooms to one that gives people panic attacks because it's so teensy! :-)

    I was going to mention the suggestion of adding blaze orange to your wardrobe in any way you can ... but sounds like the fabric stores in the area are likely to be sold out!

    I hope your trip home tomorrow goes smoothly and easily!

  5. Aviva: WooHoo Indeed!! I was thinking I would have to get an oxygen cannister to survive the hobbit room!

    Fraid so about the blaze orange, but from a deer's standpoint it goes with EVERYTHING!!!

    traveling soon, hoping for great weather!