Sunday, April 25, 2010

Too Tired

Maybe I'll Sleep Soon

Home after travelling this week, next week will be gone almost all week.  Not sure how I will fare, the next three weeks look like travel, stand, stand, walk, stand, travel.  The Headache is trying to act up again tonight, and I can't sleep.  Hoping to short circuit The Headache soon.

I'm very tired, and this was just two days this week of travel/training. I guess the next few weeks I will just play it by ear and see how I do.  The Legs are not working very well this evening, am glad this week I had a cane.  Maybe I need to get a Hoveround and I would be zipping around and doing everything!!!  Truthfully I'm not ready for that step - will keep on trucking as long as I can, without the aid of an electric chair.  However I love that jazzy Hoveround tune!!!


  1. I hope you were able to get the sleep you needed. Sleep can only help our heads when we are not getting enough. That hoveround looks like an awesome chair and of course, the commercial makes it look like a lot of fun too.

  2. Round round round in my hoveround!!! Made me laugh, and I was getting reeeeeally goofy from lack of sleep. Got a couple of hours of sleep behind me today, will see how she goes!!!!

  3. My dear I did not realize how much you travel. Wow! I remember the Hover round commercial. Yes, a catchy tune. (((((WNPP))))

  4. JBR: Some months I don't travel at all. Last year I didn't have hardly any client travel. This year I am looking at the next six months being travel, if I can take it, if I can make it!!!

  5. I don't have a hoverround, but I do have a power chair. I can walk for short distances but not for long. I use a cane also. I have severe diabetic neuropathy. You will know when you are ready. I fought it so hard, but the doc made me after all my falls. Good luck with the traveling. I so wish I could work again. I miss it so much!! Hope you have a good night's sleep!!

    God Bless~
    Debbie Jean

  6. Debbie Jean: Thanks for the information. I fought using the cane, but it is really helping. Glad to know if it comes to that, the power chairs really do help!

    The neuropathy and pain I have is not as severe as yours but it is getting worse with time.

    Wishing you could work again too!