Friday, April 16, 2010

My Head Hurrts

But I'm going to Work Anyway

Bad night last night, bad day today. I have already worked over 40 hours this week, and I have eight hours left. Every time I try to increase my hours, increase my work load The Headache pays me back. But I'm determined to keep trying. I want my life back, unreasonable and as unlikely as it is to happen.

I have a CT of my pelvis, lower spine and abdomen scheduled for Monday morning. My PCP is sure that I have some kind of bone problem with my nerves, and since this has been going on for some time insists that I do this. He also wants to make sure I don't have metastasis in the bones. One more co-pay, one more exposure to radiation, one more time to see that I don't have cancer anymore. I'm just tired, too tired to worry any more.

Going to work in a few minutes, very bad headache today not responding to the stimulator, but am going to try to work through it. Using my benedryl phenergan mixture, but so far no help. Doesn't bode well for the weekend. Sigh.  Or probably this evening. Sigh.  Or this afternoon. Sigh.....

My left eye is piercing pain, and my thinker is not thunking correctly.  Bear trap in my brain has been tripped and has clamped on my synapses and won't let go!!  Good side effect from having The Belly pain and The Leg pain, I have lost six pounds in the last two weeks.  I am going to Woo Hoo for that!

Duty calls!  Heading down the highway!


  1. Boo on bad headaches and long work hours. I'm feeling it this week too. It was supposed to be a week "off" for study leave, but I have put in a full week (actually over 40) and I still have to get through the weekend. Ugh.

    I definitely hear you when you say that your headache is directly connected to the extra work hours. Please try and take care of yourself over the weekend if you can.

  2. Congrats on the weight loss!

    I do hope you were able to get through the day yesterday with all of your pain. ((((WNPP)))

  3. Sue, like you sometimes I just try to get through a week and do what it takes, but we both pay the price when we do this! Wishing it wasn't so doesn't make it so, darn it!

    JBR, Lost another pound again! Unfortunately if I get to feeling better I'm sure it will come back on faster than it came off!!!

    Made it through yesterday with the benefit of an ER visit and a shot!