Friday, April 2, 2010

The Duality of Wally

Always Happy Always in Trouble

Wally, the neighbor's dog, comes by my home every day.  He stops and visits with my dogs and my brother's boston terrier on his way to other adventures.  Wally's owner has to be the most optimistic person on earth, because Wally gets clipped and washed and then seems to immediately find whatever dirt that is available to roll in, wade in, or in this case wallow in.  The futility of keeping Wally clean is obvious.

I wish I could fuse Wally's I don't care attitude and his owner's resilience into my spirit, but I don't think it would take.  I'm a little too practical to think that cleaning Wally up will stop the muddy shenanigans, and too particular to just not care like Wally.

I think I would just dye Wally brown.  Problem solved.


  1. It is amazing how care free animals can be. My birds are the same way as Wally.

  2. Same way here JBR, my little parakeets are always happy UNLESS I let too many shelled seeds stay in their food dish. Then they let me know!!!

    Just wish I could be that way....