Monday, April 5, 2010

Dysfunctional Legs

I Need the Ministry of Silly Walks

Another one in a myriad of doctor appointments today. Trying to see what can be done with The Legs. The Legs are still hurting and last Wednesday became extremely numb and weak. I quit taking the Soma and Percocet, thinking that was what was making me have the weakness, although I really wasn't taking very much: one pill of Soma each night, and one of Percocet every third day. The scripts were for much more, but I don't like to overtake these kinds of medication.

Saw my PCP today. I have no reflexes in my knees - none zero zilch. I can't push against pressure with my lower legs or my feet. No wonder I have been having trouble driving and standing and walking and going up and down stairs!  I did manage to climb a ladder last weekend but I couldn't really feel the rungs.  My feet are extremely numb, I don't sense where they are in space, so I walk a little funny. Feel as if I'm in a Monty Python skit! 

The doc said that the Soma wasn't causing the weakness, nor the Percocet.  I've got a lower dose of Soma now so maybe I can take it twice a day without being totally wackydoodle.  He thinks I may have something going on in my lower back.  I think my nerves are getting worse but don't think there is anything wrong in my bones - just the radiation damage kicking in again.  The MRI I had last year ruled out any disc or bone problems or cancer recurrance or nerve impingment.

Got a shot to reduce inflammation in my sciatic nerve, but if it doesn't get better in a couple of weeks, I will have to have a CT scan. Sigh.  The Legs can't be acting up now, I've got install after install this year to work through. The new software trainer needs to be trained before she is let loose to be on her own, but not quite sure how I will get this done.  I guess I will try and suck it up, as I have to go back to a client's this week and walk walk walk...sigh again.  I am truly dreading this, when usually I am excited by getting to work directly with the clients.

The doc said get a cane to see if that will help me take some of the pressure off the pudendal nerve and sciatic nerve when I have to stand a lot. I bought the standard black economy model aluminum cane with an offset handle. I guess that I'll see how it works. I'm not very good at walking with it, but I think I will be able to manage leaning on it.

I am worried about how I will fare this week. I am driving myself a couple of hours there and back, and not sure how that will work - hoping I will be able to drive home!

I feel I take two steps forward and five steps back. Everytime I get to working full time it seems something happens and then it costs me money plus time off that isn't paid. I am very frustrated because it is costing me almost as much money for medical bills as I am making at this point. Wondering what the purpose is in working, although my stubborn bull headedness doesn't like quitting anything EVER. Plus I just can't leave my bosses in a bind: it just isn't sporting.


  1. I could never really get into Faulter Towers and Monty Python. Although I love Brit tv, and I am a sucker for Abfab! Yikes! Thank you dear one for sharing. Hope you are feeling good today?

  2. Grew up with Monty Python coming on TV at midnight on a snowy TV signal we couldn't hardly see and we STILL watched it.

    Feeling OK today, legs are not so good but using the cane to walk actually helps.

    Hope you are doing OK JBR. I watched Animal Planet this week and thought of you!