Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nagging Neuralgia

No Sleep For Me

Drove two hours to a client Tuesday evening, walked and walked and walked and stood and stood and stood for the next two days, and drove two hours back Thursday evening.  The new cane did help some with being able to continue walking and to help with the standing.  The pain is about the same standing or sitting so I guess the only difference is that my legs feel really weak so standing requires more effort.  Had a pretty good day at work today, although in quite a bit of pain I was productive.  This evening is another thing entirely.

The sciatic nerve, which was put to rest for a few days by the solumedrol shot I got on Monday, is awake.  It is REALLY really awake, burning down my right leg and curling around the bottom of my foot.  I can't sleep for the durn thing.  Regretting my decision to not get more narcotics at the moment.  Soma alone is not cutting the mustard with this level of pain.  Too much walking, too much driving, too much standing and now I'm paying the price.  The pudendal nerve is acting up least The Headache and The Belly are behaving this evening/morning.

No travel scheduled for next week, thank heavens!  I have travel scheduled the week after that though, and travel scheduled at the end of May.  Will continue to try to tough it out, but I don't think I'm quite tough enough.


  1. I completely sympathize with you on the whole sciatic nerve issue. I hope you find some relief soon!

    Renee' (aka Shalunya)

  2. Sorry that the pain has kicked in again. Yes, it is a blessing that you do not have to travel next week. Hopefully, some of the pain will subside.

  3. Welcome Renee/Shalunya!
    I wish I could just rip the sciatic nerve out by its roots now, like a bad weed!

    Read your blog(s)! My hairdresser I see once in a while has the Chiari malformation also, she is in her 20's and has no insurance so is waiting on doing the same surgery. They found it after she had her first child because her BP wouldn't stabilize. Until I met her I had no idea it even existed! Wishing you a pain free day!

  4. JBR: I am greatful for any blessing as it comes! Hoping you have a better month this month too my friend.

    The hard part is remembering to be thankful for those blessing every day, instead of focusing on the negative. I'm trying to work on that this spring!

  5. Thank you for the reminder to remember to be thankful for those blessings.

  6. If you figure out how to rip that *%&^ nerve out would you kindly inform me of how to do the same? Today feels like I'm struggling to stay in the light; but, so I'll just spend a couple of hours on the darkside. Then get up and move on. Something is telling me to sit and stay I will. I'll be back on the bright side shortly. Until well my friend.

  7. A big pair of hook nosed pliers and a bent paperclip might be just the job to grab that sucker and pull it out. I think it would hurt less!!!

    I think of the old Billy Crystal routine where he says "Remember when we put fishhooks through our lips and tied them to bowling balls and dropped them off the roof?? I HATE it when I do that!" That's what my leg nerves feel like - and I HATE it when it does that!!!

    Hoping all your headpain and leg pain and body pain wears itself out today so you can have a great rest of the week on the other side of the world! Hoping your tooth is better too.