Monday, April 12, 2010

My Yard is in Flower

But my Hives have no Bees

Started hiving today.  Not sure why, but I suspect it is the shot of prednisolone wearing off creating a backlash of hives.  I do that every so often when taking steroids. The nerve pain in my legs and torso was very bad this weekend, and very bad this morning, but a little better this evening because I have sorta just sat around.  Another call in to my PCP to see what next.

The Headache is trying to interfere with this week's work, but I have managed to back that sucker off by changing the stimulator settings.  I am going to have to go back to Cleveland sometime soon to pick up my electronic headache diary again to finish the headache study but haven't heard from them yet.  One of those days at work where I spun my wheels.  Did several productive things, but felt it made no difference.

My boss, The Big Man, is on the road again this week to another prospect.  He's been in super sales mode, and I'm so glad for him and the company, but my body just is not going to be able to keep up.  Wishing I could trade up for a newer model!  It's so frustrating - we are having one of our best years yet as a business and I'm coming up short when I want so much to be pushing forward with all I have.  The new trainer is working out great - she is fantastic!  So I am very much pleased with that.

My cherry trees are blooming, as are the forsythias and my persian lilacs.  This is the first year my wysteria has blossomed so Woo Hoo!!  The yard smells wonderful with all the flowers. A wild turkey went across the backside of the place this weekend and through the neighbor's yard.  The meadow out back is green and shady and it looks like the glade where the deer bed down is doing fine.  We have a pileated woodpecker family back in the woods, but they are pretty shy so no pictures yet.

Going to go to bed pretty soon, after taking quite a bit of benedryl.  Itching all over and hiving.  Just call me Mr. Bumpy or I guess that's Ms. Bumpy to be politically correct.


  1. Sorry for your hives, they are miserable.

    Your yard sounds amazing. :)

  2. Wishing you lived somewhere quiet too without the city noise and fumes.

    The yard is great until you have to mow it. TOO MANY TREES!!!!! About three to four acres to mow, my brothers have done it so far this year, bless their hearts!

  3. Oh dear, I am so sorry you are having quite the struggle for now. I know this can be challenging to say the least. If I could send you magic dust to make it all better I would. Unfortunately, I currently find my supply empty and I'm unable to acquire a refill. :/

    Your yard must be beautiful! I love wysteria!! And we are both admiring the cherry blossoms together from across the miles.

  4. Shalunya:

    Hoping you find a magic dust dispenser somewhere in Korea!!! Cherry trees are my favorite flowering tree.

    The legs are not cooperating, but if it wasn't the legs it would be the headache and if it wasn't the headache it would be the belly, and so on and so infinitum

    Hope your legs and head are better today!