Friday, January 29, 2010

No More Hydrocodone

Allergy Confirmed

I was able to hold down some applesauce and a soda this afternoon, and then some noodles boiled in no-fat chicken broth. Best meal I've had in days.

Unfortunately, since The Belly is no longer my friend, my pain increased exponentially after eating. I did not take my pancreatic enzymes because I wanted to figure out what medication is causing the hives out of the two possiblities - Creon (enzymes) or hydrocodone (pain medication). I had not taken any pain medication for a couple of days, so I took a hydrocodone tablet this evening, and presto-chango out pop the hives in about 15 to 20 minutes. They have just been getting worse all evening and they are getting bigger. I don't have to guess anymore, I know the hydrocodone is the culprit. No more good pain meds, I'm not happy.

I always have itched when getting strong pain killers, and was hoping maybe this was the same type of problem - benign itching - but I definitely got hives not just the creepy crawlies. Besides the big lumps coming out on my stomach, and my arms, and my legs, my mom said my back was broken out under the skin. My hives do that - little red spots all over my back, but not raised. If you press on one I then get hives elsewhere, or the hives get worse. My immunologist says they are collections of mast cells under the skin, so poking them just breaks the mast cells out and they go looking for more to irritate.

I can't take morphine, because I get violently ill. Codeine is out, same reason, plus hives. Hydrocodone is now off the list. I itch terribly with dilaudid. What's left to take for pain? Not much. I'm afraid I am up the proverbial creek without a paddle. I can't take anti-inflammatories of the pancreas and The Belly reacting to them. I'm a little panicky tonight, but I'm telling myself to be calm.

Reeeeelax. Breathe sloooowly and deeeeply. Imagine I'm in a snowy woods, and the crisp snow is scrunching underfoot with every step I take. Branches creak under the heavy burden of ice, and my breath puffs white into the cold air. I put my hand out and catch a heavy snowflake in my palm. I look forward to the promise of spring and the transformation from hibernation to renewal and growth, the springing of crocus and grass through the icy covering, and the wet breath of the wild March winds.

Ah, I feel better now; I guess that biofeedback training works, eh? Now if it would either make the pain disappear or the hives it would be perfect!


  1. I am so sorry....I can't imagine facing the pain without my percocet. I will be praying for you and I hope you can find something to help the pain that wont hurt you too.

    My rheumy said Marijuana helps pain....but in my state it is only legal for cancer patients and it has to come from a special doctor. That disappointed me because I would love another alternative to pain management besides being on narcotics every day of my life. Ugh.

  2. Thanks Denise, I am kinda panicky still about what I'm going to do for pain management, but I just have to face it. My doctor's offices are closed on Fridays, so I'm left with nothing to relieve pain but trammadol until Monday.

    I'm glad percocet works for you, and helps!

    I think the tide is turning on the medical marijuana issue, but in my state it is still illegal in any shape or form. I don't think they prosecute like they did, but the law used to be up to 20 years for one ounce in possession.

    I have a friend that used it for a fatal brain tumor and the nausea and panic associated with it, but buying it on the street she said that the quality was not consistent so you don't get a true dosage like you do with meiical marijuana.

    I'm not a smoker as my eyes water too badly too quickly, so don't think if that would work for me. I'm a weinie about smoke of any sort!

  3. You could bake it in brownies! chocolate + pain relief....sounds like a good plan to me =D I am really hoping that my state starts allowing it for more than just cancer. Seems silly to deny other people in pain.

  4. Wacky tobbacky in my brownies?? +Chocolate?? Double Whammy! Pain relief and antioxidents...

    They make the active ingredient in pill form for nausea and chemotherapy - maybe that would be more my style! :)