Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Feeling Better

Sprinkled with StarDust

Feeling better even though very hard to stay asleep. Couldn't get enough sleep today, so no work, now medication has worn off a little, my friend pain has come to visit and can't go back to sleep. I will be glad when I get my medication roller coaster flattened out.

Tonight I'm just hoping that the stardust will help me put myself back to sleep, and the pain to bed too!

Good night Belly. Good night Headache. Good night pain. Good night pancreas. Goodnight Hoagy. Good night stars. Good night moon.


  1. Much better with the heavier duty hydrocodone. Never wanted to have to take this type of drug, but thanking heaven its there and I can take it!

    Hope all is OK with you Denise, and your little ones!

  2. Glad the drugs are helping. And I LOVE the pic in this post. SO cute.

  3. thanks Stephanie, part of my pleasure in keeping a blog is illustrating the post each time!

    I think my nieces get a kick out of seeing what mayhem I have done to my head!

    With the drugs, just waiting for the other shoe to drop - the meds quit working, or cause The Headache to reaffirm itself or some such disaster!

  4. So glad the new meds are working. Oh my, how I wish my doc would prescribe something - anything - to ease the pain. Not. going. to. happen. Ugh.

  5. Sue: I wish I could write you a prescription for a "get of pain free" card....

    Some of the folks with my type of headache get some relief from baclofen, which is often prescribed for MS. Have they tried anything like that yet??

    I started breaking out with hives after my last dose of pain medication for The Belly. Trying again this evening to see what pops out. It will be my luck that I can't take this stuff. Arrrrgh!