Monday, January 4, 2010

My Poor Dachshund

Looking for his Mamma

I took my 79 yo mom (who lives with me or I with her - however you want to say it) to the doctor today. We had to be gone awhile for that, and then awhile longer when they wanted her to get another chest xray instead of a CT scan. My brother was dog sitting for us, and he took this video (and I'm sorry if it's slow and long - don't know how to edit this format!) of what my dachshund Augie does when we both leave the house.

He carefully crept up on Augie (ignore the mess in the kitchen please - I haven't felt like picking everything up lately) and video taped him as he howled in loneliness in the living room. Now Augie was home with my brother and his dog Beans and my outside dog Bingo and the two parakeets, but to hear his howling you would think his world is ending. He does this everytime my Mom leaves the house for any length of time. He was supposed to be my dog, but I really think heart and soul he is my Mom's dog. I'm just someone who plays with him.

At about 50 seconds into the video is where you can see Augie just howling with his little head tipped back. We think he looks like Snoopy on Peanuts when he howls. My brother said he caught him in different rooms doing the same thing, including sitting and howling on my Mom's bed. When Augie noticed he was being watched, he would try to act like nothing was happening and he was just being his normal happy go lucky self. My brother said in between howling sessions Augie would position himself near a window where he could watch the road.

My pancreas pain has been better today, and I am getting past the sedating effect of the medication. Having some piercing pains tonight, but I ate more today because I felt better. The vicodin is taking the edge off, but it really isn't strong enough this evening. I guess I don't have my regimen down to perfect yet.

My boss (have I mentioned lately that I love my job??) had rescheduled my client visit last week to this week, and bless his heart decided that we could schedule it for another week later in the month. I was going to go without any pain medication tomorrow (because I'm not sure about driving so far because I already have problems with sleepiness and driving) and just bear the consequences of the pain to get the job done. I am relieved that I don't have to test my endurance this week. Some days I am not so tough as I like to think I am!


  1. The last part makes me laugh out loud. Boom - there's the dog, like in a horror movie when something suddenly pops up in front of the screen. Hilarious video, & cute dog; thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Heather: I agree - kinda like the shark in Jaws!

    I laughed because Augie was throwing his whole body into the act. I had never heard him howl in five years!

    My brother said he found him on top of all seating we had in the house at one time or another howling. I guess height helps when you are so very short.

  3. Awwwww, what a precious video! Winny this was priceless. Do I hear birds in the background also?

    I am so glad that you love your job too!

    Blessings and warm hugs!

  4. JBR: I have parakeets, a blue one named Beezle and a green one name Beebee (for baby bird). They sit on my fingers and try to talk reaaaally hard, just aren't as good at it as bigger birds!

    My dachshund comes when they call him, and then thows toys around until they chirp a certain way and plays with that toy right in front of their cage. I guess he's their pet too!!