Monday, January 18, 2010

More Meds

High Stepping and the One Man Weave

This morning my PCP and I discussed options for controlling The Belly pain. I told him that the Vicodin just wasn't controlling the pain. I said maybe I could take the pills closer together than one every eight or so hours. He said that increasing the frequency would not help. His explanation made sense - if the pain is not decreased by the dosage, then the dosage is wrong, not the number of times a day you take it. He said even if I took it more times a day, I still would have the same amount of pain because the narcotic amount was not correct.

He prescribed Norco at twice the strength of the Vicodin and increased the dosage to one every 4 hours if needed. I will take the minimum that will work to control my pain. My first dose was at nine this evening, and after the intial dizziness/floaty feeling subsided I am almost pain free. I was stepping high - you know, when your feet seem disconnected from the ground and you step really high because you're not sure where the foot belongs or when it will make contact for the next step, but I was also weaving, a trifle punch drunk. I may have to take it for a few days before I can drive because I would not be safe driving in my current condition. Since I only got 45 minutes of sleep last night, I hope that tonight will be sleepy time all night.

I was able to work today even though The Belly was burning. I am always very happy when The Headache and The Belly cooperate enough that I can actually work. I am thinking about making another short term disability claim, as I still have not been able to work full time. I closed my last claim in August, hoping that the stimulator had The Headache on the run, which it has...I just didn't factor in The Belly.

My older brother is going to technical school for aeronautic testing, so I have inherited his big yellow cat as there are no pets allowed on campus where he is staying. Puddytat has wiped out a couple of mice in the garage already! I do have to watch Puddytat because he seems to think the parakeets are there just for his dining pleasure, but he enjoys sleeping on my soft covers on my big bed.

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