Monday, January 25, 2010

Dream Time in Missouri

Is It The Drugs?

Feel like I spent all night last night dreaming about Boston. I dreamed about driving to Boston, taking trains to Boston, walking around Boston, finding a doctor's office in Boston, even going to a tag sale in Boston. Why Boston? I haven't a clue! The tag sale was run by wives and husbands of retired policemen and firemen. I had a great time. The weather was icy in my dream, and I feel I spent a lot of time getting places only to turn around and go somewhere else. I'll have to think about it to figure out what my brain was trying to tell me.

I have a huge case of hives tonight. Not huge hives, but lots of them. I am afraid it is my new friend hydrocodone, or else my other new friend, lots o' enzymes made from pork protein. It has been gradually getting worse since I started taking the higher dose of hydrocodone Monday. I didn't take my second dose today because of the hives this evening. I will be taking some vistaryl or benedryl in a little bit - hope it knocks em back a bit - they are starting to grow together now into bigger hive humps. And I'm super itchy - hoping I don't have to epipen myself because that then means I have to go to the ER. Double sigh.... The Headache is acting up also, not sure if it is from the allegic reaction, or if it just likes the hydrocodone...Triple sigh...

Went into work today trying to make up for time missed last week. Frustrating day, didn't get anything accomplished. Frustrating weekend - wonder if you can get an allergic reaction to frustration??

On a sadder note, my cousin Harold died last week. He had just been diagnosed a few days ago with advanced lung cancer. The nurses were attempting to remove some fluid from his lungs from the cancerous pneumonia, and he just collapsed and died in an instant. I am sorry that his warm presence is no longer in this world with us. I pray that I will be so lucky when my time comes, that God in His mercy will give me a quick decisive end. I am sad that because of my health and my Mom's health we won't be able to go to the memorial service.


  1. I'm sorry for your loss. It is never easy to lose a loved one but not being able to get that sense of closure that you get from going to the final service certainly makes it more difficult.

    I understand what it is not to be able to travel due to stinking health issues. I haven't seen my grandchildren in Florida for 4 years because of my stinking disability. I can't drive that far (1250 miles) and the thought of getting on a plane with all the pressure in the cabin mixed with the pain already constantly in my head makes me shudder in anticipation.

    BTW are you taking hydrocodone on a scheduled basis? That stuff isn't really intended for chronic pain since it has the up-down-up-down of short-acting pain medication. A sustained-release medication would probably do you much better. Do you have HC? They tried to test me for that but I failed the indomethacin trial - turns out I'm allergic.

  2. Hey Trisha, Thanks for the comments! I have a niece/nephew and a great niece/nephew in Florida about 30 miles from Orlando. They can't afford to come visit very often, and travel for me is hard, just like you!

    I take time released trammadol, in addition to the hydrocodone. Not sure if I will get to take the durn stuff long enough to even know if it is the right stuff.

    I was trying to take the Norco 1 tab every 12 hours, since that is about the time the benefit wears off. I have bad trouble with hives, so I may just have to suffer! Just taking it one step at a time, have just been taking the heavier duty pain meds this month....may have to move to something else anyway ... sigh...

    I have HC - it seems to fit me the best, but you can take your pick of diagnosis - I have been given quite a few! :) Indomethacin helped me, but it didn't fix me - was never able to get up to a therapeutic dose, it started giving me pancreatitis (why it is now chronic pancreatitis).

    My occipital stimulator works pretty well for me most days for pain control - nothing not even narcotics like fentanyl and dilaudid helped me other than the indocin. Except large unhealthy doses of steroids like prednisone etc.

  3. So sorry about your cousin. :( Your family is in my prayers!

  4. Thanks Heather, my mom and I appreciate it - hope you have had something tasty to eat THIS week.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Please know that you're in my thoughts and prayers.

    I finally talked my doc into a short trial of tramacet. It's not the long-acting stuff and doesn't seem to really make much difference in the pain at all. It's not much different for me than taking otc tylenol. ~sigh~ meanwhile, back at the drawing board....

  6. Sue: Thanks Sue.

    Glad at least they tried something for your headache. But trammdol is a moderate painkiller, and I guess in this it is mixed tylenol, so that's not much painkiller in there...Hang in there, something HAS to help!

    I have been taking trammadol time release 300 mg with 2 norco (10 mg hydrocodone, 375 tylenol each) a day and I'm just getting base level relief, but now other problems.....

    I'm taking a pain drug vacation- my hives are soooo bad and I can't stop throwing up. It will be my luck that what kills the pain is setting off the hives, AND The Headache has been trying to make a comeback.

    I'm in a bit of pain today but trying to sort out what is happening. Pain Medication and I don't mix: Pain Medication and the hives are worse, Pain Medication and The Headache is worse, Pain Medication and my antinausea meds don't work, Pain Medication and my belly is better. 1 out of 4 isn't a good enough combo for me.