Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yodarific Day

How Wizened I Am

My boss The Big Guy nicknamed me Yoda on a conference call with a client a few weeks ago.  I guess I have become the mysterious guru who comes and goes on a whim to whip out some knowledge on the younglings every once in a while.  I certainly hope its not because I have hair growing out of my ears.  As I get older I am getting more drawn up and cane dependent every day, making me even shorter and dumpier.  I am going to have to start talking like Yoda now - croaking out a few words and then going Hmmmmmmm.  That can only make me seem wiser to uninitiated!

Went into work today just to sit in on a conference call to a new client.  They are super nice, and actually recognized my WooHoo over the phone!  Since I have a voice (unlike Yoda) that can call hogs three hollers over it is not surprising.  Hmmmmmmmmmm, yes??

The rains have been torrential here, with lakes overflowing and rivers flooding.  Here it has been ants invading the house as their outside environment floods.  I remembered a trick I picked up on PBS - flour kills ants or drives them away.  We had hundreds and hundreds of ants trailing across the house.  A judicious use of all purpose flour along their paths and ants disappeared.  Disappearing ants, good, yes??? Hmmmmmmmm.

I see Dr. Pepper my urologist tomorrow, have been sick for a week now, pretty sure it's not the flu, think it an infection left over from the last Kidney Stone. Big Sigh...any more it's harder to pry an antibiotic out of a doctor than it is getting a pain pill.  Too many antibiotic resistant infections rolling around, yes??  Hmmmmmmm. Ick.

I am stalling on the decision to try for disability.  I keep thinking I will be getting better one of these days.  I am still hoping I will get some blood test results back from Dr. House, although all I know so far is that I don't have a problem with my cryoglobulins (part of the blood affected by cold).  I think, if I just work the perfect number of hours, maybe I can just get my body working at maximum capacity.  Maybe I need more of the Force to levitate myself around....Hmmmmmmmmmm. 

At least I have found my ideal theme song to play whenever I enter a room!!!


  1. Yoda. I love how you intertwine stuff like this into your pain of life dear one. Only wishing the best for you as always. Glad you see your doctor tomorrow. Hopefully, Dr. P will have an answer for you. As for ants. Or aunts? Blessings to you dear one.

  2. JBR: Just glad I didn't Darth Vader as a nickname, all that hoarse breathing is too much effort to keep up, but the theme song would have rocked!!! Dr. P just poked my ouchy spots and said Hmmmmmmmmm. Schedule another test. Hmmmmmmm. AUGH!!!! The ants are still hanging out in spots but the flour has mostly done for them. Bwa Ha Ha Ha!!!