Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fatigue Time with Big Nose Winny

Hives Go Away!

My crop circle of hives/freckles on my nose is very shiney and noticable today.  I feel like the end of my nose is HUGE.  I am extremely tired, extremely sad, extremely irritated, extremely itchy, extremely ouchy.  I want to go to bed, but I can't sleep.  What's worse I forgot to fill my pain medication (duragesice patch 25 mcg/hr) before coming home and I won't be able to purchase the refills until tomorrow morning.

I will try and take some benedryl soon and see if it does double duty as a sleep inducer and as a hive reducer.  More hives are popping up as I am typing.  It's been that kind of week/month/year for me.

My pain is increasing as the medication slowly leaves my system. The Belly AND The Legs AND The Headache.  Hoping some of the other meds take part of the load.  I have too much to do tomorrow to worry about how bad I will be hurting.  Just hoping I won't have physical withdrawal.  On top of this I am running a fever and am nauseated, so feel very sick all over.  Blech!

An interesting day at work, a frustrating and upsetting day otherwise.  Hoping my spirit bounces back as I have excised as many outside irritants out of my life as I can today.  I am trying to simplify what I can and block out what I can't tolerate and get down to where I only have to worry about the basics of life.  I am hardly able to handle that!


  1. OH my, Winny. I'm sending you a long distance hug along with hopes that things go well with the simplifications.

  2. Thanks, I'm such a Loser with a captial L this week that as soon as I got through simplifying everything got complicated all over again.. Impossible to fix I guess....Augh!!!