Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Miracle of Angel Baby Kitty

What Faith Can Do

I have been thinking a bit about faith and it's place in my life.  This is not about religion but faith, faith that things will be better, faith that your heartfelt wishes can be heard and met, faith that in what seems to be a devastating and uncaring world someone cares.  One of the most powerful stories of faith in my personal experience is the story of my niece and how she got her Angel Baby Kitty.


My niece loved kittens, cats, and all things cattish.  When she was small, about 6 years old I gave her a toy stuffed cat - a very large white Persian kitty she promptly named Fluff.  She loved Fluff.  Fluff sat on her bed guarding her every night, Fluff was a pillow you could hug and tell secrets to, Fluff was a cat you could dress up that didn't squirm to get away and scratch you.

When my niece was about nine her parents separated and got divorced.  Fluff came with my sister (her mother), my niece and her sister to live with my parents and me until things settled down and the really scary things that were happening (even scary to adults) stopped and they could live safely on their own.  Fluff protected her throughout all this turmoil and fear.  Fluff listened to all the things she couldn't talk about to anyone else.  Fluff was loyal and  loved.  Fluff loved back without reservation without being mean without violence and absorbed any tears that went into her fur without complaint.  Fluff was becoming less Persian but more American shorthair each year but Fluff was full of love and never cared.

One day the first spring they stayed with us, a white female kitty showed up.  She was friendly and let my niece and her little sister hold her and pet her.  We knew she was the neighbor's barn cat, in heat, looking for a mate among our barn cats.  My niece however, had another idea.  This cat, she told us sincerely, was an angel from heaven, because she had prayed and prayed and prayed to God for a real white kitty to be her friend and this kitty was an answer to her prayers.  My sister tried to gently let her know that no, this was the neighbor lady, Dorothy's, kitten.  My niece was adamant.  She KNEW this kitty was a prayer answered in the flesh.

My sister had lost everything, all her possessions, all her photos, all their clothes, but through this all she had never lost her faith: faith in God, faith that life would be different, faith that circumstances would improve.  When Ms. neighbor kitty had her needs met and went home, what was this going to do to her little daughter?  When talking about the Angel from Heaven, my little niece's voice had wavered and tears had come to her eyes, but her mouth had been set very determined and her chin said don't mess with me!!!  How could my sister stop the disappointment we adults could all see coming?

Mother tiger mode set in.  My sister went into full campaign attack mode.  There was not much about their present life circumstances my sister could control, but she was NOT going to have her daughter disappointed about her Angel kitty.  Calls went out, family members were recruited, customers of the family business were queried - is there a spare white kitten out there somewhere?

We lived in a very rural farming community.  My graduating class in high school was less than thirty students.  How would my sister find a pure white cat in this sparsely populated area, even with the plethora of half wild, half feral barn kitties? Most of the kitties in the region were striped or spotted, not many fancy white Angel kitties around.  As luck would have it, right down the road from our family business, the niece of of a friend of our brother had a set of kittens ready to be adopted and some of those kittens were pure white.   My sister made arrangements to pick up a special white kitty.

We went down, and there was this fat cute little pure white kitten.  He was obviously well loved and well cared for.  The little girl  whose kitten he was very sad to see him go, but really loved the idea that she was giving him to another little girl.  My memory goes dim at this point, but I think my sister brought her daughters with us and my niece picked out this ornery sparkly white Angel Kitty that she was certain God had sent there to be waiting for her.

Angel Kitty was an instant hit, and soon became Angel Baby Kitty, soon shortened to Baby.  He became an enormous large lounge cat, who loved to be held and petted.  My niece never knew how hard my sister searched for the perfect white kitty, under extremely tight time frames.  This is how I think miracles happen - someone, somewhere, has faith - faith that wrongs will be righted, faith that justice will prevail, faith that Angels come down from heaven in the form of kittens to answer prayers and THEN someone somewhere has the heart and will to see that the faith is not in vain. 

What moves these persons to have faith or take action where others don't?  That is something you have to answer for yourself.  I already have MY answer, but it might not be your answer.

What happened to Fluff, the old stuffed plush toy kitty, in all this?  Did she become neglected and in the trash bin when a real life white kitty came to live with my niece?  No, this keeper of secrets, this defender against danger and darkness lived with my niece for years and years, moved with her when she got married, traveled in a luxurious shoe box across country while they moved, and waited patiently for another little girl to come along to love her and whisper to her in the dark.  My great niece, my niece's niece, inherited precious Fluff and despite Fluff's diminished fur capacity and increasing baldness she was loved even more, with a whole new generation of  hugs to hold.

I continue to have faith that things will be better, that life has joy and meaning left for me.  I may be an old Fluff, worn out and scruffy, but I have faith that someday I will find new adventures and new challenges waiting for me, and my old broken shoebox of a body won't be a worry to me anymore.


  1. Had a stuffed kitty named Cuddles the Calico Kitten. Loved it to death. When I finally talked my cat-hating dad(who turned into a lover) into a cat I named that black and white ball of fluff Cuddles and for 20 years he saved my life until my husband found me. He really did. Cats are amazing like that!

  2. Princess OEATS: You moms amaze me. When I saw my sister go from being devastated herself to protector and guardian in a split second I told myself "THIS is what it means to be a mom!!" I have a gentle faith, from reading your blog perhaps not much different perhaps than yours.

    DEJ aka MOMM: Awwwwww. Cats somehow know how to purr just right to reach what hurts and to soothe the heart, even stuffed cats. Way to go DEJ's dad!!! Way to go both Cuddles!!! Have had kitties all my life, now fostering my brother's crosseyed orange tiger kitty Clarence aka Butterball. Personally partial to orange tiger kitties but had my own white ice princess Wilson for 19 years...

  3. Winny such a touching story. I personally cannot recall and stuffed animals that comforted me growing up. Hugs to you dear one.

  4. JBR: hugs back. Stuffed animals are a comfort to all children. I had a few favorites myself.