Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mast Cell Madness

Another Specialist to See

Saw Dr. Calm today.  I explained the IVP situation with Dr. Pepper and Dr. Calm agreed that I should not have an IVP, that it could be life threatening.  I just had an anaphylactic reaction a few weeks ago over two pieces of cashew, and I have a pretty good crop of hives, so premedication for me is sorta like a drop of water in a desert, doesn't get much done.

Dr. Calm reordered a bunch of tests to check for mastocytosis.  He also ordered a cashew antibody test to see if I am really allergic to cashews or if that was just my body's way to say ENOUGH.  He also is sending me to a dermatologist to be checked for mastocytosis problems of the skin (maybe my big winny fat nose hive?? or the brown and red spots scattered all over my back..).  He asked why I hadn't seen one before and I said it is because there is generally a year wait for a dermatologist in this town.  A gal I work with had recurrent skin cancer and the local dermo's office told her it would be three months before she could see him since she would be a new patient.  I don't know what mojo Dr. Calm worked but I had a call from the dermo's office and have an appointment early Monday morning.  WooHoo!

Dr. Calm thinks I need to get my hiving under control, as that may be why I reacted to the cashews.  So now I am on 50 mg atarax at night (H1 blocker), 10 mg singulair (leukotriene blocker),  2 doses of Zantac per day (H2 blocker), if I can tolerate it 2 doses of Zyrtec per day (H1 blocker) plus take gastrocrom again (mast cell inhibiter).

During the cashew episode I started having a really bad reaction about 20 minutes after I ate two cashews.  I started hiving big time, I felt faint and dizzy (my blood pressure dropping), nauseated, in severe abdominal pain, and then the agioedema started in the throat and the allergic asthma.  I self treated with 50 mg benedryl and 25 mg phenergan.  I should have used the epipens, and Dr. Calm agrees with that assessment.  He says never hesitate to use the epipens, but I cringe because they certainly hurt!!!

Hoping for a productive weekend.  Hope you all are having a good weekend also!


  1. I hope you have a great weekend too Winny!

  2. Migrainista, rainy today with tornado warnings all last night just to the south of here. I hope you are out of the range of the bad weather here in the midwest. People with migraines that are triggered by weather are getting tired of this by now!!!!