Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Hates Kidney Stones

Rock-a-Bye Bladder

Last week, thought I was done with kidney stone #2 for 2011.  Ha!  Of course, life could not be so easy.  I was able to get to work Monday - yeah!!!  Tuesday, I had to go to my PCP's office because I was in serious trouble from KS#2.  I felt dehydrated even though I was drinking lots of liquids, and very little of the liquids was leaving my body.  Signs of a very bad UTI and probably kidney infection, most probably from KS#2 cutting its way out.  That explained that!!!  I was nauseated, dizzy, and in pain.  Stinking kidney stone!

I got my antibiotics, and got to work Wednesday. WooHoo!!! Twice in one week!!!  Oh, nooooo - KS#2 pain again in the night - no sleep so I just went back into work earlier on Thursday.  Got sicker and sicker and couldn't go to the bathroom at all.  Around 12:30 I called it quits and went to the emergency room.  I got fluids to help push whatever I needed to push out of my body.  The antibiotic seemed to be killing the bacteria they found on Tuesday, so no change needed there.  After three hours on an IV I was able to FINALLY go potty.  I wanted to dance and clap my hands and sing the big girl goes to potty song, but I held back my glee.  I did pass "debris" that was a result of KS#2's descent out of my kidney so hopefully this will be the end of that boulder.

Pain and discomfort tonight but nothing like last night.  I'm going to try to sleep despite the thunderstorm overhead.  Lightening hit my neighbor's transformer and he has no electricity, but luckily for me ours came right back on after flashing off after the lightening strike.  Hoping to make it to work tomorrow again.  

Going to a client's next week, taking a back seat while the new guy does the talking.  This is difficult for me - I'm quite the talker, but I am so glad to be training someone to do this I will gladly zip it!!!  I like traveling with the boss who will be going with us.  This is someone I admire greatly.  I worry that she is getting as burned out with all the travel and installation work as I am. It is just very hard to maintain a balance between home life and work life when you go from one intense implementation to the next. 

Thinking of bosses, the Big Guy made me cry this week because he just said he was worried about my health and had I thought about just going on disability.  He said he would be willing to work with me with whatever I decided.  I had such a bad few weeks, with The Problem at home, my Mom, and myself and KS#2 and poopy pants and stress stress stress that the kindness just overwhelmed me.  I can handle tough times much better than I can handle kindness and thoughtful consideration. 

Have I ever said I love the company I work for and my job??  That even makes me sadder to think I really can't hardly keep going onward.  I am going to get them through this next installation and reassess.  I talked it over with my PCP this week and he said it should be a no-brainer for social security disability determination but having been a federal employee years ago I understand "No-brainer" might be more description of the process than I wish.  I definitely would have bad enough luck to anger someone and make them use their "clerkly powers" against me.  Sigh.  I guess I shouldn't go buying trouble eh??

Health care is the conundrum I cannot figure out if I do decide to try for disability.  I will make enough that the Medicaid spend down (if I qualify for Medicaid) would be so high as to be useless.  I will just have to think on this.  It is one of the main reasons I have not retired yet.  Big sigh....


  1. Sorry for those remaining stones!

    Glad you were able to get to work this week.

    At least you have a caring boss. But, I understand your tears of reality.

    I guess it can be hard some times to sit in the passenger seat. You will be fine Winny.


  2. You have so much on your plate right now dear Winny. How wonderful that your employer is so human :) That must be a great comfort.

  3. JBR: Hoping the rest of your move at work goes smoothly. You are right, it is hard to sit in the passenger seat of the clown car of life. I'd much rather be the one with the steering wheel but I also really like to see other people come into their own after training them, so that will be nice.

    Migrainista: It is a great comfort, but it makes it even sadder about not being able to keep on. There have been employers I would have said goodbye to in a minute. Not this one...sigh.

  4. I would start applying for disability now. You don't have to not be working to start the process is my understanding.And my mess is taking forever. SS has 4 months to decide after they get your first paperwork. You should be less likely to get a denial with your whole bag of tricks ;) but you never know. I have to finish MORE paperwork today!!! You are blessed to have your employer ON your side not against you. Take it from one who knows :)

  5. Good to know DEJ aka MOMM!!!! Yes I know that I have won the boss lottery and the employer lottery, even more the bummer that the body is giving up. Good Lord, tho - now I am thinking what a nightmare of paperwork!! Whew..., well at last I have something on the list of disabling conditions. My personal doctor and some of my specialists have been trying to get me to go on disability for over a year now, but I am very stubborn - to my detriment....

  6. I really hope you've seen the last of the kidney stones. It sounds horrible!

    I hope your Mom is doing ok. :)

  7. Emily - I keep making the silly things, probably because I am dehydrated too often. A urologist told me that anyone can have kidney stones once, after the second time you are almost guaranteed to keep having them. :(

    The Problem we had for a couple of weeks really upset my Mom, as she just cannot cope that well. Physically, she is feeling better and is starting to get some appetite back after getting rid of her gallbladder. For her, the best part is being able to eat chocolate again!!! Thank you so much for asking!

  8. Came back by before I head out to work again to start unpacking to give you a safe hug......

  9. JBR: Wow, working Saturday too - you guys are moving very quickly to your new location. Hope its a great move and better offices!!! Thanks for the hug JBR, hoping all the moving stress will be over this weekend for you!!! ((JBR))

  10. Winny - I hope that's the end of the kidney stone. I know disability is a difficult decision, but I'm sure you'll make the right choice for you. It is a tough option to choose especially when you love what you do and work for such wonderful bosses. I wish you the best. Take care.

  11. MP: On the days I have my A game on, I think - nope, not ready to retire. but these days are becoming few and far between. :( I fear that I can't slow down any further or I will be at a full stop, and if I don't slow down I will have fewer and fewer good days. AUGH!!!!

    KS#2 seems to be history, but its infection is still here. I will go see my urologist in about a week to follow up. I have been avoiding him because he wants to operate and I hate having to argue.