Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Feet Curl

The Legs Revolt

Today was one of those days when you start doing something, and later you say "I should have know what would happen!".  It started out with a few swipes to clean up a dirty doorknob, then the door looked dingy, then I fixed the fingerprints on the light switch and I noticed the wall needed to be washed, and now its 2 am I have the curtains down in the living room, the cushions stripped of their covers on the sectional couch and the covers in the dryer, and I have rehung and rearranged all the pictures on the walls, and still need to move all the furniture to vacuum underneath.

Why did I start?  I know what I do - one thing is clean and nice and everything next to it now looks dingy and in needed of sprucing up - then I can't stop!  Hours later and the room is completely topsy turvy.  I also cleaned the cabinets and walls in the pantry because I went to get some paper towels and there was a smudge on the pantry cabinet and....well, you know the story by now.

The Legs are truly pitching a fit.  My feet started cramping at about nine this evening.  Five hours later, they are still cramping.  I tried eating a banana for potassium, I tried drinking more fluids, I have my feet right now on a heating pad - nothing has helped.  I suspect the nerves in The Legs have had it - no more cooperation.  I have very little strength in my legs tonight as I made the mistake of climbing on a ladder to get the curtains down and to hang pictures up.  For some reason that just starts the pain wagon rolling.  I have had charley horses in my calves and my arches and the top of my feet now for hours.  Hoping at some point this will go away.  Hoping that point is soon!!!

With the pain patch on, I don't want to take any more pain killers.  The Jimmy Legs don't want to stay still and my feet feel like the Wicked Witch of the East's feet in the Wizard of Oz must have. They curled up and shriveled away after the ruby slippers popped up on Dorothy's feet.  Hmm, maybe some Ruby Slippers would help???  I did have some red tennis shoes, but I don't think they qualify.  Sigh.


  1. I've been notice one thing, which leads to another and another and so on. I can see how this sort of thing could cause pain problems. I hope today you are feeling better and can get some rest for the week ahead.

  2. My house is in chaos. I do a little at a time and it shows. Take care of you first!

  3. what about level of magnesium, do you know where your magnesium is at and I am sure you are taking Vit D, and K+

  4. Migrainista: In my pre-hysterectomy days, I would just say PMS energy spurt and go with it!!! Now, not good because there isn't any real energy spurt - just couldn't take it any more! Augh!!! Better some today!

    DEJ aka MOMM: Chaos I can take, this was one too many things that set off my grimy meter. eeeek. But now I have a very clean couch and wonderfully washed windows and am getting ready to put the clean curtains back up. Spring cleaning madness???

    Shelah: Don't know about my magnesium. I have prescription D, and generally my potassium is fine but I have been pretty dehydrated lately - would that effect my magnesium?? Still cramping today just not so bad. Might get worse after climbing to put the curtains back up! :) Hate being short!!!!

  5. Oh my gosh whenever I get a cramp in my foot it is painful. I can imagine what you go through dear one. I am so very sorry for your pain. ((((Winny))))

  6. Still cramping every so often, but at least I got my curtains rehung!!!! Hoping you have a great next week in your new offices!