Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Think I Still Have My Marbles

But They've Shifted Lately

Bad day yesterday, bad day today.  The Legs are not happy, and today The Headache was making itself know as I tried to work.  Sometimes I can tell when The Headache is not happy because I don't make sense.  I call people named Annie Angie, I can't remember words or just stop in the middle of a sentence, and I have to recheck work three or four times.  My typing and spelling goes downhill.  Hoping it's better the rest of the week.  I have recalibrated my head buzzer so should be good to go!

One of the guys at work thought I was better today because I wasn't using my cane to walk everywhere.  I just let him think that, but it actually was more weight I had to pick up to walk and it wasn't worth the effort.  I don't use the thing so I won't fall down, I use it so I can lean on it to stand or walk and have less pain in my nerves in my legs  - when the pain is maxing out I really don't see the purpose. 

I'll use my cane to walk with as I travel this week. I have some new muscle relaxers from Dr. SassyPants called Skelaxin which I am afraid to try until this weekend, so I guess I'll just have to tough it out this week because I have to drive.  I don't take anything that messes with judgement when I drive - The Headache is bad enough!

The epidural was a bust.  Not working for me.  Pretty sure that there will be no more in my future.  The benefit lasted for less than two days, and I think that was the anesthetic they use with the steroid.  Plexopathy must be a tough thing to treat. The physical therapists gave me more exercises to do since I won't be having anymore therapy for a few weeks, maybe more than a month since apparently summertime is their vacation time too.

Wishing I had some time for a real vacation where I could escape everything INCLUDING The Headache, The Belly, and The Legs.  They just seem to follow me around everywhere, the skunks. I guess my luxurious economy flight from Kansas City to Cleveland will be my only escape this summer.  I'm gonna try to skin out of doing the last trip to Cleveland in July, because I think I am going to have to be in Arizona at that time.


  1. Thanks Alan - and thanks for the link on the article on exercise! Just wish I could do more.

  2. Oh dear one, I am sorry for your bad day yesterday and the symptoms your headaches cause. Here giving (((((WNPP))))

  3. Thanks for the hugs JBR. Today surely will be better! As Stephanie at Head Wise says, always keep trying!

  4. So sorry you're feeling horribly. I hope tomorrow is better.

    Having been to both Kansas City & Cleveland, I know exactly what a glamorous trip you're in for. Lucky lady!

  5. Checking in to see how you are doing today dear one. Gentle hugs to you....

  6. Back at Home! With all the weather delays for airplanes yesterday, I thought I might NEVER make it back....Stopped at a client on my way home, so it was a work day, even tho I didn't hit the hotel in KC until 3 AM due to flight delays. Sigh...