Monday, June 21, 2010

Burning Foots

Red Hot Nails

No sleep tonight, even with maximum medication.  The Headache is not happy, and The Feet are not happy.  The Belly was unhappy, but settled down, and The Legs are just grumpy.

Getting red hot spikes of pain, like claws tearing through the bottoms of my feet up to the tops of my feet.  Guess the epidural didn't quite fix this.  I have been "flossing" my nerves like the therapists suggested but really don't think it is working  or just not working fast enough.

The pudendal nerve pain picked up yesterday because I was doing laundry, where you pick up and transfer loads of laundry.  Any weight lifted that has downward pressure seems to bother this, not sure why.

My epidural had some positive effect for a couple of days, but seems to be wearing off rather than making everything better.  Maybe I just need to be more patient and positive.  I will send good vibes down to my legs to make them better.  I have my doubts that it will work, but why not give it a try??

I'm told I'm anemic now, perhaps why I feel so very very tired.  Maybe not sleeping might have something to do with the tired feeling too.  I have worked on a project for work most of the evening, probably putting in an eight hour day already because I need the distraction.  Because of the lack of sleep (it's 3 AM and no sleep in site) I may call in late to work tomorrow.  I have several things to do, but can compress them into the afternoon and stay late to further make up.

Wishing the foot problem gets better, as it is starting to radiate UP my legs.  I have been trying hard to remain positive about the physical therapy.  Inaction hasn't helped the pain any, so I am hoping some directed reaction to pain might be the ticket to wellness.  The pain is lessened by the injections, so can't tell if the additional pain was there, but masked by worse pain, or if the injections just weren't that effective.

Going to Cleveland Thursday, will stop at a client on the way to the airport on Wednesday, and if they feel the need may stop back for a short while on Friday.  Hoping they don't have a big list of little problems for me.  Sigh.  Gonna email my boss and update the "time off" calendar after signing off.


  1. I'm sending your legs the same positive thoughts!

  2. Geez so sorry the pain is bad for you dear one. I guess like with everything else things do wear off. ((((WNPP)))

  3. I'm gonna make the legs do a happy dance so maybe they will work better!!!

  4. You go girl, get them legs a-dancing!