Friday, June 4, 2010

Self Assessment

Reality Check

A list I go through periodically (just my own questions) to remind myself that life does not sucketh as badeth as I thinketh at times.  These are my June responses:
  1. Do you have a life threatening illness? No
  2. This year to last year, health improved, worsened, same?  Improved
  3. This year to last year, finances improved, worsened, same? Improved
  4. Is your family life stable?  Yes   
  5. Is your work life stable?   Yes
  6. Are you not stressed, slightly stressed, really stressed?  slightly stressed
  7. Are you feeling hopeless?  No
  8. Are you tired? Yes
  9. Have health problems affected your interaction with others?   At times
  10. Do you take yourself too seriously? Don't think so!
  11. Do you have trouble concentrating? At times
  12. Do your illnesses intefere with your ADLs? Yes
  13. Do you feel sorry for yourself?  No
  14. Are you able to relax? Yes
  15. Are you able to sleep? With Difficulty
  16. When you sleep is it quality sleep, leaving you rested? No
  17. Are there people worse off than you are? Yes
  18. Do you feel you are acting appropriately concerning your illness?  Yes
  19. Do you still have a sense of humor? Definitely
  20. Despite your own issues do you have concern for other people's welfare? Yes
  21. Do you misuse or abuse medications given to you?  No
  22. Do you project your feelings about your illness into your interactions with others?  I hope not
  23. Have you put life plans on hold due to illness?  Yes
  24. Do you feel illness has cheated you out of a life you deserved?  No
  25. Are you happy/content?  Most of the time
Hoping I stay this side of what is normal for me!  Guess I'm doing pretty OK, except on the sleep score.


  1. Right oneth. :)

    What are ADLs?

  2. This is a wonderful list of questions!

  3. Thanketh you Steph! Thanketh you Migrainista!

    ADL's = acitivity of daily living
    Usually, cleaning, bathing, cooking that type of stuffeth.

  4. Sounds pretty good there girl. Like the list. Blessings.

  5. JBR: Just trying to keep it real!!! :) Have a great weekend!