Monday, May 17, 2010

Wanted: Brain Mechanic

Tune Up Needed

Have been doing too much traveling, too much standing, too much talking, too much needing to be done on weekends, too much staying in hotel rooms and not sleeping.  The Headache has been at low rate miserable all day today, nothing helping much.  Hoping it is just the day in its 4 day cycle where it is at its worse, and next week will be better.  Have been dogged down by it all day.

The Headache ruins my brain interface with the rest of my body.  I don't react right, I forget things like car keys in my hand, I have trouble comprehending conversations or reading because I am experiencing the world through a screen of pain and confusion.  What makes it through that filter has to be very clear cut or else it gets all blurry and fuzzy and choppy and my brain can't quite make it out without extra concentration.  Extra concentration just is not happening when The Headache makes itself known.

Had a couple of days at home, trying to do what I had to do yesterday because for me it was a good day where I had some extra energy.  Today not so good.  Going back to the clients tomorrow, second week after go-live.  Not sure who all will be there with me besides my programmer/system engineer side kick. Giving the new trainer a week off to be with her family - she has been a real trooper, but even troopers need some R&R.  We had a bit of a problem Friday with converted data, but hopefully had it all straightened out of its spaghetti mess at the end of the day - typical of system conversions, something unexpected always happens, but it was easily fixable once we defined what needed to be fixed.  My side kick and I work really well as a pair (I'm not really sure which one of us is the true side kick - I truly think I am probably both the side kick and the comic relief rolled up in one) having been down this route a few times over the years.  Same drill - different locations.

My bosses (did I ever mention I love my job and my bosses??) bid out new health insurance, and now instead of paying $120 a month for stinky Anthem, I am getting United Healthcare nationwide coverage as a free benefit!  Woo Hoo!  I am sure there will be a downside to United the same as there was for Anthem, but so far so good.  All my specialists are in network, and that includes the Cleveland Clinic!  There also is no in-area out-of-area network like Anthem had.  Another Woo Hoo!  Of course all the people in Canada and other countries are thinking "isn't the health insurance in the United States crazy??" and I'm nodding my head "Yes it is!" - trust us to make something simple into a bureaucratic nightmare.

I think my head needs a tune up, perhaps some new spark plugs...a filter change...or a new cam shaft.  Where's a brain mechanic when you need one??


  1. hooray for free insurance! may their policies be fair and their copays low. :)

  2. Huzzah! Long may my bosses rule with such generosity!

    Thanks Steph!

  3. Oh I am so happy for you to get free insurance! You do not find that hardly any more in the work field. My company also pays for ours!

    So, get those new spark plugs dear one.

    Want to thank you for your continued encouragement to me, it is so appreciated, especially during this time.


  4. I didn't even get free insurance when I worked for Big Bad Corporate Health Insurance Company!

    I think I'm gonna go for the platinum 120,000 mile plugs!

    Take care JBR!

  5. Winny,

    I have United Healthcare, and while I love to talk crap about them, they've actually been fairly good to me lately. As you know, you won't find a perfect health insurance company. UHC's not too shabby!

  6. Hoping that UHC is OK, so far no trouble, but also so far no unusual requests...