Sunday, May 2, 2010

Road Warrior Mode

My Apologies to Mad Max

Getting into road warrior mode  - this is when you have everything arranged, ready to go, with a minimum of preparation, able to travel at the drop of a hat.  You know true road warriors when you travel - they are the folks who always have their coats and shoes off already at the TSA checkpoints at the airport.  They always know what time zone they are in, what the local weather is like, and where you can get the best barbque.  They speed through rental car kiosks, and navigate strange roads with impunity. My bosses are the true road warriors, I am still just a road warrior in training!

A looooong week last week, going to work today to print out materials for next week.  The new trainer is MARVELOUS!!!  I think I am going to be able to hand over duties to her without a worry, she just needs to learn some of the jargon that goes with hospital business offices and she's ready to roll on her own, at least for the modules she has seen trained!  I don't want her to get burned out traveling, because she has two school aged children and that is a worry when you are on the road - not the kids themselves but all the appointments they need to keep, and practices they need to go to, and activities they are in.  Modern moms tho, seem to have the organization thing down pat with cell phones, internet calendars, and texting.  Guess I'm just too old for that.

The Headache was bad a couple of days last week, but I managed to ice down the head at night to keep it in control with help from the stimulator.  Last year this couldn't have happened - The Headache would have been very bad just from walking to the training site from the car!  The Belly has been behaving admirably, maybe because I'm not feeding it too much.  The Legs are another thing entirely.  If it wasn't for The Cane, The Legs would not be making it.  Some sleepless nights, but I just can't do the amount of medication it takes to fix The Legs without messing with The Headache and The Brain, so I've just been toughing it mostly.  I think I can make it through this install which is a couple of more weeks.  I pray I can make it.

My co-workers have been giving me fits because I have a plain black cane.  They think I need a cane with bling.  I'm not too sure about that - I mostly wear dark colors when in road warrior mode, because they mix and match better and don't show dirt, and feel the black cane blends (as much as a cane can!).  I did find myself looking at some blingy canes including one with kitties all over it, but not sure if I could walk leaning on a cane full of kitty cat pictures.  I would be thinking "meow, meow, meow" everytime I leaned on it!

I did make sure I reserved a bottom floor room at the hotel.  I got stuck once on an install in a top story room when The Legs gave out on me a few years ago.  I couldn't get out of bed, let alone down the stairs.  Spent a day flat on my back and was able to walk (barely) the next day.  Not doing that again at a hotel without an elevator if I can help it! 

The backup hotel we were going to use is in a town that got hit by a tornado not long after we drove through it on our way home Friday, and their sewage treatment center is not working having been hit by the tornado also, so not sure if we are going to be able to use it.  Sigh.  Tornado season in the midwest, it certainly can be an adventure!

The clients are wonderful, easy to train, with lots of good questions.  I am hoping that this will be a great install, easy on them and easy on us.  Looking forward to go-live day in a week!  Now if I can just get The Legs to do what they are supposed to - driving myself next week and the week after because I have different hours than the rest of the team, so not sure how The Legs, The Headache, and The Belly are going to behave.  They don't like me to drive very much any more, and I actually used to love to drive long distances.  Sigh again.

Unless I take my work laptop with me, I won't be posting on the road, but I hope to be home Tuesday evening this week, and probably not home at all the following week.  Take care my blogging friends! Hoping for no pain and no fuss for all of us!

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