Saturday, May 8, 2010

Morel Happiness

Tired But Happy

On Friday I had a colonscopy.  This was the third time I've had one, so I was all too familiar with the "prep" for the test. Bleeeagh.

My brother, who drove in to take me to the appointment, said there were some people selling morels by the side of the road as he came off the interstate.  To heck if we are late for the colonoscopy, I had to get some of those morels!!!  We sped off, and scored some prime mushrooms for supper that night.  Yes, they were very expensive, but yes, they were worth it!  I was ready to fight off all comers just to get some morel goodness.

For those of you that have eaten morels and no longer live where you can find them free for the picking, you know why we were in a hurry.  It had been a long morel dry spell for our family, and we had just been mourning because the season was soon to be over and yet another year was going to pass without mushroom deliciousness on our plates.  If you have never eaten a morel, then never mind - you won't understand!  This was the first time we had seen some for sale for YEARS.

My sister and younger brother helped Mom cook the mushrooms, and my brother in law, my older brother and I helped eat them.  Woo Hoo!!!!  Shrooms, shrooms and more shrooms to eat.  I could only eat a few - we like them fried, and The Belly could only handle a handful, but they were wonderful, as good as I remembered.  Sigh.  We divided up the left over booty and everyone had a few more today!

I grew up on a farm, and part of our spring ritual was to go mushroom hunting in our creeks to find the elusive morels before the deer ate them.  They are hard to see but once you find your first one they are easier to spot.  Generally it was about the time the wild violets bloomed when the morels sprouted.  Some years you only found a few and once in a great while you found so many you had to share with lots of people.  No one shared their mushrooming locations though!  No such luck where I live now.  Not the right environment for morels around here.  We have only found a couple in 20 years.

The colonoscopy went fine, they took some biopsies and I guess we'll see then.  Not too worried - problems are probably related to the radiation exposure and my constant problems with The Belly. I was glad I woke up enough to have some mushrooms that evening!

Traveling early tomorrow and will be gone all next week.  The Legs have not been happy the last couple of days, but the cane is helping.  I am in much less pain than I was at the last install.  I did break over and buy a cane with "bling" so hopefully my coworkers will be appeased by my attempt at stylishness.  Not looking forward to the next few days but am soldiering through!


  1. PS all you moms out there have a great Mother's day!

  2. Winny, thank you for sharing. Glad your tests went well. Glad the pain has subsided a bit for you dear one.

    Here with you as you go through the next few days......

  3. love reading your comments and I knwo what you mean about the cravings....hugs to you honey and hope all comes out good!!!
    Love Shelah

  4. Shelah - wishing you and the Viking had been there to share!!! We had more more than plenty!

    Pretty sure the biopsies are fine. I think they just want to take divets out of you if they cant find a polyp or two to destry!!! Why waste all that technology?

  5. Just checking in dear one as you are on my mind. Blessings.