Thursday, May 13, 2010

Noodle Legs

Hoping to Get Through The Week

Went back early to the motel from the client's today.  My legs have been acting up, and since this is the third week I have been on my pins quite a bit, today was the day when they revolted.  Besides the pain, the weakness is getting progressively worse so they feel all noodley.  The cane helps, but this week it is not enough.  I lounged on the motel bed trying to find a comfortable position and let the muscles and nerves rest.  I'm not sure if it helped much, but it'll have to do!

The amount of medication I am taking is not enough, but I can't function if I take enough.  Just trying to get the mission accomplished this week, and hopefully recover over the weekend before I have to come back next week.  I am dreading the two hour drive back home Friday.

Up now, what medication I took earlier has worn off, and the feet and The Legs are objecting.  Can't keep the noodle legs still when they are like this.

I have an appointment with a pain management/sports medicine group of physiatrists to see if there is a next phase of treatment for me.  I had a CT of my spine a few weeks ago, and it came out normal - which was what I expected, but an MRI I had done last year of my lower spine showed mild arthritis in a couple of facet joints/connections in the radiation field so my PCP thinks that some facet injections might help.  However, the same MRI showed no nerve root impingement or stenosis so I don't think injections will do the job   Hoping maybe we can come up with something that will improve the leg problem.  Just wondering if injections will make the legs even weaker.  Sigh....I am really tired of seeing doctors, but am not ready to give up trying yet.

This install has been going very smoothly, so I am happy about that.  These clients are wonderful, and have handled the stress of going live on a new system admirably.  Hoping the rest of the installs this year will be as great as this one.  Going to try to go to sleep soon if I can get The Legs to calm down.


  1. Oh honey, so sorry you are having a rough go of it and to be on the road to boot! I am hoping your legs get stronger quickly so that you can get your work done and get home quickly and safely!!

    Would love to know how the appts go!! Sending you best wishes and Godspeed!!

  2. I will be praying for you....and I hope you find some relief. I completely understand about not being able to take enough meds to help since then we cannot function.

    When you get a chance please stop by my new blog.... thanks!

  3. Thanks shalunya and Denise. The legs were some better today after the rest and medication yesterday. I think I'm just gonna install some stilts then I can be REALLY tall! They would probably work better than my legs right now! :)

    Read your new blog Denise, very inspiring. Sjorgen's must be a devastating illness. I looked up the informaton at and just wishing you are one of the few who go into remission.

  4. WNPP you are always in my prayers. I am so very sorry for your constant chronic pain. You are still such an encourager during your painful times and such a blessing to me. Thank you.

  5. Hoping everything is OK with you JBR! Thanks for the prayers!