Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2 AM Hotel Room Headache Blues

A Very Long Day

Tired tonight, but The Headache is relentless.  It's almost 2 AM and no rest in sight.  Have tried all my tricks to appease The Headache, but it continues.  I stopped the progression at about midnight, but it won't back down.  Hoping for a better day tomorrow.

Our schedule here is changed yet again, but I am flexible. We discussed with the clients what it means if they switch off their old system one day earlier than originally planned.  Not much difference for us, except I have to move training around and train bigger classes, which is more difficult.  The more people you train, the less control you have over the process, but with the new gal helping it should be just fine.

I thought maybe I could skate out of here a day or two early, and that may still happen simply because everthing has been moved up.  Maybe messing with my schedule is what is making The Headache worse, but I really think it was the couple of hour drive getting here this morning.

Love working with computers, but wishing my brain circuits were better wired.  Even my lovely electronic head zapper isn't keeping up tonight.  Praying for sleep to come soon.

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